The first time, I was about 14 I think when I started walking around the house naked in front of my family I had done it previously when I was home alone but I was just sick of always having to put clothes so I decided not to, one day I decided to have a bath, I ******** of and sat on the toilet seat waiting for the bath to fill up when I realised I had left all the shower gel in my wash bag up in my bedroom, to get to my bedroom you have to walk through the sitting room and dining room to the stairs and then go to my room, my parents where in the sitting room and my brother was in the kitchen, I decided to just brave it, my heart was beating so fast I still remember how scared and excited I was so I opened the door and walked out into the sitting room, my parents both stared at me as I walked past them I tried not to look scared and stood tall baring all, they asked me where my clothes where and I think I said they where in the washing basket they stopped me and asked me why I didn't put a towel on and I said, because I don't mind you seeing me naked your my parents and you've both seen it all before and I don't feel I need to, I said something along the lines of that, and then I turned round and carried on walking, my brother just stared, I got my shower gel and walked back again, when I got in the bath I was so horny and *********** quietly as I could, well that's where it all started I spent the rest of the evening naked and the next day until about lunch time I think and I started sleeping naked
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Great story, good for you.