Once in 6th grade I was in track my school made state and we were hosting it the whole school was there and hundreds of more people watching I was at the hurdle I got to the one of the hurdles and my shorts got stuck and ripped it would of been fine except I was out of clean boxers that day and was wearing my little brothers tighty whtiies with dinosaurs on them. I was on the big projected screen they setup and were broadcasting on tv because it was the state championships. Everyone was laughing I kept on going faster to finish it. After I finished I ran straight to the locker rooms to change the door was locked so I was stuck and I had to go back to the crowd and look for a person with a key so embarrassing everyone took pictures of me in tighty whities with dinosaurs. And the thing is I wouldn't of been out of clean boxers if my little brother didn't take them wanting to see what boxers wear like. Super embarrassing. Someone decided to print the pictures out and super glue them all over the school and my locker.
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Yes, that sounds embarrassing. Do you still have people who bring it up. I.e. "do you remember the time....."