Quite Disturbing.

Someone, rang my doorbell..I go to see who it is stopping by in the middle of the day.

I open the door.. there's no one there.

I look down to find a peculiar thing at my feet.

What seems to be a rather large, wadded up piece of newspaper wrapped quite politely in a large red velvet ribbon.... Upon looking closer there seems to be what looks like a branch, or twig sticking out at one of the ends.

Starting to become wary of what I'm looking at, I step outside grab a small twig from my yard,  and begin probing the paper with it.

What I found, to my horror was nothing less than a foot and a half long, very badly decomposed,     .. sewer rat.

I never found out who left it, nor why, however that was only the beginning of my stalking  experiences. I don't know if the person who stalked me for years after that was the same person who sent it, or if they were two different people, ...I doubt I ever will.


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9 Responses Feb 8, 2009


now that is just freeky i would be screming down the street

Indeed Mr. Hedrock,.. and not in that cute, sneezy, with snot running all down your face.. sort of way either.. O.o

There's some sick people about.

I'm sure they could if they could just quit stalking somebody for a second of their lives.. XD

i wonder,don't this kinda stalker-people have anything else to do but putting rats outta peoples doors?

Thanks Flutter, I just had the notion to write this as I was home alone and had a creepy flashback that made me paranoid all over again.. Before that i had sufficiently buried it and forgot about it.


Ewwww.. did you ever find out who sent you it??