Baby Shoes

A week after I miscarried, some sick **** thought it would be funny to send me baby clothes.

I got the baby shoes first, then a baby-gro and then a 'my baby's first year' photo album full of photos of random kids.

Nice huh?

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6 Responses Feb 9, 2009

that is so sick i know what it felt like when i misscarried and it was soo horriable and i cant think of what i would have done if someone done that to me i think i would have been sent to a mental hosptial as i would have gone crazy with saddness

Wow.. that xsshole sounds like he needs a date with Sammy the Castrator!! Fxck that, I'm sorry.

Sick, evil, bastard, ******!!! I would soooo like to mess up his face. {{{HUGS}}}

that is horrific that someone would do that. I wouldn't want that kind of karma working against me.

Sick people......

The stalker guy is just plain sick!!