Unfair Unjustice System


I was jail for 2 weeks. Lucky someone posted my bond. I got to meet female inmates who were faced with 20 years life sentences for drugs, fraud, prostitution etc. I think it’s unfair for average people to serve so long for non violent crime  while the rich people of society are getting away with murder.
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I totally agree with you, AkA007. <br />
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A crime is not a crime, sacredvision.<br />
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There are crimes that actually hurt people, like theft, battery, murder . . .<br />
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And then there are crimes that either don't hurt people at all, or where people have decided to take the risk of harming themselves, like drugs and prostitution . . .<br />
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It makes sense for society to punish the first type, but it has no business policing the second.

abyss I read your posts and you always make my day. :) <br />
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aka007 a crime is a crime. its not other people's fault if they have money for lawyers that can do their job. We call court ordered lawyers public pretenders where i'm from. <br />
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don't **** around and break the law... and you won't have to worry about anything now will you??

Thank you.....

life isn't fair >.<<br />
what did you expect?<br />
-scenario-<br />
"Well she was only prostituting (etc), oh well."<br />
"This guy murdered someone! 20 years!"<br />
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killing people isn't that bad of a thing. We are overpopulated as it is. As I view it, If the government did do much about the famous people, that would cause more of an uproar then the prostitute kingpen. Damage control, may be unfair, but it is smart. Justice is only served by those who have little to sacrifice. humanity is a constant fight for power. Laws are created to maintain the power. These laws obviously disagree with a human's nature. Although this is somewhat subjective, you would be lying to me if you told me that the obsessions in your head are not under the direct influence of humanities perspective of civility. <br />
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Opinions aside, you must take this into consideration (or not), what are you going to do about it? What are you willing to sacrifice to change it? Will you merely suggest change and hope someone does something, or do it yourself? If you will not take action, then regardless of what you say, I count you as someone in agreement with this unjust system. For those who don't take action show as such:<br />
-they don't care enough<br />
-they have a relinquishing nature<br />
-they are all bark and no bite<br />
-have commitment issues<br />
-are scared<br />
-kinda agree with it<br />
-etc etc etc.......<br />
<br />
So stop typing and do something, or let your inner-hypocrite decide for you.