As A Young Teen Abused By Gay Neighbors

I have some issues now that I think maybe have been caused as a result being caught in a cycle of sexual abuse while my dad was in Vietnam. First a little background:

I grew up as an army brat in a military family. We moved every couple of years so I never had any long time childhood friends. I started only doing what I had to in school so I always had bad grades. I took a GED and dropped out of high school early. In my later high school years I did get excellent grades in science and shop. I grew physically pretty fast and was usually one of the tallest around my peers until I stopped growing taller at about the age of sixteen. I ended up 5’ 11” @ 160 lbs with a very athletic build. Today I only weigh about 15 to 20 pounds more.

Just before my dad went off to war, my parents bought a new house in Newport News Va. It was in the middle of a new neighborhood (a lot of other military families too) near my middle school. At first I could walk to school but soon they started bussing us white kids across town to send us to a black school downtown, again making it hard to find friends. There where two guys living together in the house across the street, Everett who was mid forties and George who was mid thirties. I had no idea at the time that they were gay and back then I didn’t even know what gay was. They had a successful professional pop band called “G***** and the D********* F****”. Everett was the bands manager, light and sound man. George was the lead singer and played guitar. They had five other band members and would practice in their garage across the street. I thought this was extremely cool and started hanging out more and more after school while they practiced. I guess they felt sorry for me that my dad was off to war and kinda took me in. I eventually became good friends with George and we even started to do things like exercise, lifting weights and jogging together. One day while we were lifting weights George started asking me stuff like "do you know what a jock strap is and what it is used for". He handed me one and told me to put it on. He told me that I shouldn’t be embarrassed to  take off my pants and put it on in front of him and that he is just trying to show me what all guys do in high school and collage gym. As I changed he asked me if when thinking about sex and girls if my **** gets hard when I am thinking about stuff like that. He told me “older guys usually jerk off when they get a bonner”. He said “we always keep it a secret unless we are with a really good best friend and we should never tell anyone especially girls”. He told me that it is totally normal and asked if I wanted to learn how. Well one thing led to another and the next thing I knew he was trying to jerk me off. After a while of trying he said maybe you are still too young to ********* using hands but sometimes if you use a mouth, the warm wetness will make you ***. He started sucking my **** and within seconds I exploded in his mouth. I could not believe how good it felt and remember wondering, if it felt so good why no one ever told me about this stuff before. I remember telling him “that was the first time for me ***********” and he said something like “now you are a real man that knows how to have good sex and not make babies” and “That is how married people do it every night without birth control”. Then he said it was my turn to help him. As he pulled down his shorts I couldn’t believe how big his penis was, it wasn’t even erect and still much larger then my little hard-on. I remember being amazed that he was not circumcised and that as I started touching it he immediately started getting even bigger. After a few minutes he told me to use my mouth so he could feel it like I did. I will never forget that feeling and taste as I lowered my mouth onto his erect penis and it wasn’t long until he pumped that first load of ***** into my mouth. He told me that I did it perfect and that he was glad that now we are best friends. That was the first time I felt anything like that. He kept up the praise and kept telling me how much he liked me and was so happy he finally had a best friend kind of like a son. I did like the feeling when he sucked me and he made me feel like what he was doing was normal and ok for us to do that. Mostly things just seemed to happen slowly and seemed like a natural thing to do at the time.
It did feel really good to have so much oral sex but I still don’t know why I thought this was all “normal”. Stupid me, I always kept going back almost every day. Maybe part of it was because every day when I would come home from school Everett would be in our house drinking coffee with my mom. I guess I was so young I didn’t think it was strange that at a time when my dad was gone, Everett was always around my mom. George must have told Everett about me and him to because he molested me as well. One time my mom was gone somewhere and Everett was watching me. He came over to check on me and started talking to me about sex and asked me to follow him into my parent’s bedroom He got a metal box out of the closet and showed me a bunch of pictures of my mom naked and having sex. Well he ended up sucking me off on my mom’s bed. Now that I think back about it seems clear that he and maybe even George must have been having sex with my mom too.

This kind of bull **** went on for a couple of years until thankfully we moved away. I know now that this all made me feel like an empty shell and I tried to fill the void with sex, drugs and now ****. This also must have screwed up my hormones during puberty and stunted  the growth of my penis which is still very small. I strongly believe if I wasn't sexually abused  when I was a kid I would have never been in so many ****** situations or relationships. I was a heavy drug user until 1983 when I met my third and present wife.  I have only told my present wife this story but she didn’t really seem concerned and never asked for details.  

Everett was a heavy smoker and has since died of cancer.

George is somewhere in eastern Virginia now married to a woman, I think. I don’t want to ever see him again.

Don’t trust anyone gay around kids.
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Not all gay guys are like that

I hate the slyness how he said,"All the guys do." Yeah, I thought that it was normal for a father to touch his child. Man, was I wrong. Don't feel stupid. My father brainwashed me too.

Being a gay has nothing to do with child molester. I absolutely agree with hylierandom in this. These people r pure evil nothing else. Wat kind of monsters can they b to prey on kids??? I m happy u shared the story but I hope u don't carry the thot of gay being child molester coz it's not true.

okay hold the phone. dont trust anyone gay around kids? excuse me? i am bisexual and the only reason i am alive to protect my siblings from abuse from my straight mother and other people so they dont end up like me. that is such a stereotypical and bigoted statement i honestly cannot express my discontent. it is because of things like that post that LGTBQ youth take their own lives as opposed to speak out and get some closure in their screwed up lives. furthermore, my grandmother has two gay neighbors whom i have known for more than two decades and have always been the best to my family. being the eldest and outwardly bisexual with them, i have never once been approached let alone abused. i am truly sorry for what has happened to you but i assure you that it was something specific to you and i am sure others; however this does not make it correct to label the entire LGTBQ community as pedophiles

<p>Sorry to hear about your bad experience.<br />
My experience with gays has always been pretty bad, too.<br />
From a kid to adult, they always seem to be predatory & trying to manipulate to get gay sex.<br />
I won't blame people much, perhaps, when they finally see how it is and all hell breaks loose on them somehow.<br />
Some of them can be really caring, seemingly, but without self-control, and it is either bad for kids....or bad for guys who were abused as kids. The abuse either gets them victims or their own abuse gets them to victimizing others who ae weak about it, it seems. I know that years after being messed with by someone where I grew up, I mentioned him to someone else, and that person knew exactly what I was getting at -- both he and at least one othe person he knew had been messed with by the guy back then, too! <br />
Another guy that managed to get ahold of me as a kid...had a very shrewd, private location right across from the school, and I'd seen him later on with a few young guys wearing skimpy swimbriefs somewhere, so I can only guess that I was not his only victim, either.</P>

Most child sexual abusers have been abused physically or sexually. Those of us who've had it happen have a responsibility to break that chain, regardless of orientation.
Again, the majority of gay men are into other gay MEN. Not into kids.

Yep, gotta break the chain. However, not so sure it is a matter of whether gays are into gay men or not. I think just a matter of convenience &amp; fear of getting in trouble. After all, when a boy turns into a man, that's a broad period of time, so hard probably for men to dictate to themselves whether attracted or not based only on age, right? If so, then it becomes something else as to reason/s.

I have to go with Hylie on this; "Gay" doesn't mean "child abuser" or "sexual predator," and I think that most child molesters pass for "normal" people; be leery of ANYONE who wants to be around children ALONE.

While I really appreciate these sick perverts messed your life up...I really wish you would not equate being gay with being a child sexual abuser.<br />
<br />
That would be like me saying " I can't trust any heterosexual males around kids".<br />
....All the men that raped me were heterosexual men.<br />
Hetero males are the most common sexual abusers of kids...I think that's purely because there are more hetero males than gay/bi males. Gay men haven't been shown to be child molesters any more (or, I think, less) than the general male population.<br />
Yes, females abuse, but at lower rates. Possibly under-reported rates. Incestuous mothers really do a number on their kids, mentally speaking.<br />
<br /> history nutshell... first- a neighbor-raped me orally when I was 4.<br />
My uncle raped me at six...he went on to father kids of his own and at least physically abuse them that I know of...<br />
And my dad, who really made the most of his turn at childcare duties until my grandma moved in when I was 8. <br />
Before she moved in I'd become dad's primary sex partner while my mom worked 5 nights a week....the urinary tract infection he gave me put me in the hospital and it didn't get him to stop when I got out.<br />
<br />
.....I will close by pointing out that if one or both of these creeps were both having sex with your mom, they were not purely into gay sex.<br />
They weren't gay, they were just evil.

At least u got away from them

Agreed, homosexuality is a disease that will ruin anybody it comes into contact with.

Being a gay person doesn't mean that I am a rapist.

@ beaverbandit: You are soooooo wrong about gay people. I'm gay and I can tell you right now, homosexuality is not a disease. There is nothing wrong with being gay. It just means that you don't like the opposite sex. Whatever. And there are alot of people who used to think like you at my school. After I told them I was gay, they realized how stupid they had been to think those things. Just cause I'm gay doesn't mean that there is something wrong with me, it just means that I like girls and not guys. And being gay has not ruined me.

Hey beaverbandit, u shudn't say tat. People can have some issues, they cn be gay n lesbian, but tat doesn't gives u the right to make such unjustful comments.
I m not a gay but I don't think bad of people who r. But taking advantage of it n abusing someone is wrong.
Dear Leesonc, don't wory, u shudn't get so worked up. Everyone doesn't think d same. Love have no boundaries. Gender doesn't counts when love is concerned. You can be in love with anyone until it doesn't hurts the other one's feelings. Its brave of u 2 admit tat u r gay. Not many people dare mainly coz of the wrong thots peole have abut this. But I oppose such narrow thots. It's alrite to be in love with anyone.