I Know He Did'it, It Just Doesn't Make Sense.

I'm 98% sure my father raped me too, i can feel him torturing me, he was very violent. I also know that he probably raped my sister too, however i am not sure if she remembers or if she is ready to know, i want to wait for her to come too me, but if she has lived the same that i have, it is awful, i want to stop it from ever happening again, it would also help me know i am not going crazy.

That man is a monster, and i really hope he pays painfully.
magmariel magmariel
2 Responses May 9, 2012

Your sister might be thinking the same as you are; you might just mention something in passing, just don't push. You might find greater comfort, and answers to your questions, in each other. I wish for your every happiness, mariel.

My suspicion is that your memories are true...But they probably feel unreal right now.<br />
Would suggest getting a therapist.<br />
I also suggest being gentle to yourself...this stuff can overwhelm you.