I Feel Like Crap

I dont want to feel like this anymore
waking up is the worst thing that can happen to me everyday.

I am two weeks from getting my psychologist deegree and i cant move.

i am afraid of everything now, i dont want to be in contact with anything that triggers these horrible memories, i want to disappear.

I feel so lonley.
magmariel magmariel
3 Responses May 10, 2012

Magmariel-every emotion depends on ur state of mind..if u r happy u will find everythng good..but if u r sad u will find even the happiest thng bad.n ur state of mind depends on u..
Y u feel crap.bcoz u were sexually abused..but tel me take of ur burden..u are not responsible for it.someone did it n u r loosing urself n just finishing ur life..which is really unfair.. If u decide to comeout of it u surely can..no treatement will help u unti u dont help urself..b confident stam ur past n move ahead..

Thank you. he cant wait though, but i will figure something out. :)

Hang in there and get the degree; you might have some work to do before you're in a good enough condition to work in the field, but once you have sorted out your own issues you'll be in shape to outperform most others in the field, and I'm sure that you'll find the rewards more than satisfying.<br />
Have you discussed your issues with your teacher? Can you hang in for two weeks?