This would be the first time I have shared this with anyone. I am 18 now. When i was 6 , i was sexually abused by my uncle repeatedly.My family was not very well off.And we used to share an apartment with two other people.My parents used to work,so I would be home alone most of the time.We didn't own a t.v.So I used to go to his room to watch t.v . One day when i was watching t.v , he started touching me all over. I was so young and scared, i had no idea what to do.He continued this for nearly 3 years. He used to threaten me by saying ,he was watching me all the time.I was always scared at school,and wasn't able to make friends or play like all children do.Eventually we moved out.As i grew up I forced myself to forget all those horrible memories.But I guess life doesn't have very good plans for me.
Last year my parents hired a tutor for me. He used to come in the evenings and my parents used to close the door of the room in which we used to study ,so that my studies aren't disturbed. This tutor did the same thing to me that had happened years ago.But I never had the courage to stop him or tell anyone about it.
I never told my parents about all of this as we are not close.I hardly ever talk to my mom.I don't know whether they will believe me.And that would hurt me more.I finally decided I have to let out everything and since I don't have any friends, I think this is the best place to do so.
p.s: sorry for the bad writing.
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no u did gud its not your fault i hope things change for u

First of all, it's not your fault! You did not deserve this!
Please try to tell someone and please be prepared if they don't believe you. People have a way of going in denial and pretend that nothing happened. When I was 20, I told my mom that I was abused and she didn't belive me. I've stopped talking to her. I started working, I pay my rent, buy my own food and live my own life. She is not my mother anymore.
I do hope that your mother will understand, or at least an aunt or a gradma or somebody. Just keep in mind that it's not your fault and that you have the right to talk and to be safe.
Please take good care of you!

i went through the same thing with my uncle and now i have managed to confront him and stop it all...i have told my parents and friends about it and m moving on with is hard, it is very hard but you can do it. stay strong. push them away and scream out for what is wrong. those sick people have no right to touch you without your permission. make people around you understand. Speaking about it to someone close really helps!!

you need to tell your mum or a family member if he's done it too you,he'll be doing t to others your not alone,tell someone you could stop this,stay strong

hey u need therapy ,alot of therapy to try to get ur life back and im really sorry to what happened to u ,but the world r filled with sick bastard ,just plz try to help urself