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My dad molested me from age 3 to 17. Then when I was 7 my brother started doing it too. My dad had been molesting him from an early age as well. My mom knew since I was 7 because I told her and she allowed him to do whatever he wanted.
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I was sexually abused by my babysitter who was a 15 years old female and the neighbor boy who was 10, I was five when it started and 12 when my family moved. She was sadistic and I think in a cult. It has affected everything in my life especially my sexuality. I still feel like I don't know who i am and what to feel. I am in an amazing marriage to a man who understands but still confused about what she taught me to feel about intimacy in terms of men and women. I've done 10 years of therapy and come along way but it still affects me every day.

Keep trying. Thanks for your story

Did you enjoy it or were you scared???

well it started when I was so young I didnt realize that it was wrong or even that that's not what everyone did untill I got to second grade and my friends at school didn't have a clue what I was saying. Unfortunately for me, my sister and my brother it was the only " love" or affection that we got. Our mother didn't seem to care at all about what we were going thru. In fact as we got older it was painfully obvious that not only did she not care, she actually held it against us, held it over our heads and really just hated our guts for it. For me I had very mixed emotions or fellings about it. But for the most part I was scared every single day of my life. If not for myself then for my brother and sister. My feelings are very mixed up. Now that I'm grown up I associate some very twisted and ****** up things with love and sex and what feels good and what turns me on.

I guess that's the worst part not being able to know the difference between love and sex..... I'm sorry you went thru all that and i'm sorry your mom didn't do anything about it when she knew what was happening, i wish we can talk sometime.