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I am now 51 years of age. The battle has been a long one. It started right before my 6th birthday. He was my step-father, I called him daddy- that is what hurt the most. What he started when I was so young made my life spiral out of control. I am sure others can relate to that as well. My mom went out with her girl friends- and went bowling. He- I will call him mostly "he." He came into to my bedroom that just so happened to be right across from their bedroom. "Come watch tv with me," he said. I thought this to be great, up late watch tv with the daddy. Cool! Johny Carson. So he lifted me up onto his king-sized bed and we cuddled like you see kids with their dads do.We sat watching Johny for a bit and then he pulled out pictures of people; doing things I had never seen and didn't care to see, and still don't care to see again. *****, 2 women and one guy, in many compromising positions. Then he opened his housecoat, I thought he would have on his pajamas, but he did not, and pulled out a white hankerchief, probably on I had to iron for him.He pulled on himself and it got hard. Then he said,"here you touch it," I touched itand then stopped. He pulled on his penis, I didn't even know what it was, then he had me touch it again and the white stuff started to flow out of it. He wiped it off and then he had me cuddle up again with him for a bit. when he took me back to my bedroom, he picked me up, his housecoat opened, I was wearing a nightie it was june, and he put the thing between my legs, it at that time had gotten hard again. There were many other times this fairly same scenerio happened, before I was 7 years old. Then we moved to another house and I was older, he started to get more aggressive. I also ended up with ring worm between my legs, he did not take me to the dr. at first. I was in first grade then.
Now he began to take pictures and have oral sex with me. If he got the chance he would sneak into my bedroom and fondle me, or the laundry room, I became scared of the laundry room. A few events happened that I should have ended up in the hospital, but he would not take me, or allow my mother to take me to a medical facility.The one that was really bad is when I was riding my bike with my oldest brother, and we rounded a corner and I wiped out. I had a severe concussion, and was out for many hours, knee all messed up rocks in my head and hand. I just remember and that is vaguely what my brother told me. Then I had poison ivy from head to toe, in my nose and eyes, at my mouth, you name it it was there. I had it 3 times before I was 10, "he' took me the very first time and then after that - the next time he just went to the store and bought callamine lotion and cotton balls and treated it. He also once  poured bleach on my one arm, he was sick of me getting this poison ivy. He was always making really inappropriate comments to me as well. we at this house had a built in swimming pool and I was afraid of the deep end. So I always swam at the shallow end. He constantly taunted me, and when I would get up the courage to go a little further, and go to the ladder which was around the 5ft mark of the pool, he would appear at the ladder, I'd try and climb out, his foot would then be on my head, pushing me down back under. For real ***** and giggles, when I was out of the water and I was walking on the concrete, "he" would pick me up and throw me into the deep end and of course I would be screaming bloody murder. funny thing was, that there were these big flies that frequented the pool area, and they would land on his ugly balding head and chew his scalp, he would whine like a big baby.
When I was 10, we moved again,
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Thank you beautiful soul for sharing your story.