No One Believes You

I was sexually molested from the age of 14-17. My mother married my step dad when I was about 8. The molestation didn't happen until I was 14. It all started when I wanted to go do something with friends and what I was willing to do to actually go with my friends. It didn't stop until I moved out at 17. I graduated a year early so I could get out there. What came afterward has scarred me for life.I told my mother and sister about what happened but they chose not to believe what happened and ended up bribing me to keep my mouth shut. I can't have normal relationship because sex always seems like the way to get men to like you. But in fact it's not. Even though I know it's not it still seems right. It's what comes with being sexually abused. Your mind is different and your thinking of love is never the same. I always wondered how different I would be if it never happened. I have gotten prescriptions for anit-depressents but that's about it. Therapy is too expensive. I am optimistic about my future though.
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Hi Sara
I have met girls who have been thru what you have. I can only talk about the effect I have seen their past having on them. That might help you to look out for the same signs in you. If you want to talk to them or me, let me know.

Unfortunately I know the signs and I can relate to most of them expect I'm a great worker. When it comes to relationships thats like a joke to me. They all suck...

I would like to talk to you or them though. Especially someone who knows what I'm going through even years after its happened.

OK; I will ask them.
About therapy - There may be low cost options around. If you are in the US, you could try

You will move towards spirituality and embracing your True Nature.
Don't stop looking and searching

Thank you

I joined this site for a few reasons. I want to meet people who have been through what I have and how you live your life with it, Any advice would be greatly appreciated.