I'm Glad He's Dead

His name was Bob. I was 2 at the time. He stuck his hand in my diaper. I tried to tell my family, but they didn't believe me. They made me feel bad and ashamed for "telling such horrible, untrue stories." Later it came out he was molesting and raping my older sister. What kills me is why she let him. He said if she didn't let him he'd hurt me. She did it to protect me. I know I shouldn't feel this way but I feel like it's my fault. And my dad got him a lawyer. He tried to help the man who hurt his two daughters. Whats wrong with him?! And the rest of my dad's family visited him in jail and let his wife come over, who knew he was molesting kids. His family is so sick and twisted, I just can't understand how they could do that. My mother was extremely supportive. My parents are divorced, because my dad is a cheater (he's addicted to sex) but she almost divorced him over this (I wish she had). Fortunately Bob died in jail from cancer. I'm so glad he can never hurt another kid again. This is so hard to write because I've only admitted this to a few people. I am close to tears

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U and ur sister r very strong and brave

gurl im sorry for wat happen. i never went tru the same thing bout i know how it feels to be hopeless well if u ever wanna talk my myspace and facebook is veronica_aidamil14@yahoo.com and my yahoo is veronica_aidamil@yahoo.com. im here for u

I feel like looking for a piece of brick and smash it on your dad's head respectively his whole family. But there is not much left in there to be damaged, I guess.<br />
<br />
Each time I read about such ignorant and stupid people I really get sick and furious.<br />
<br />
Thank God that your mother is at least a sensible person and you are safe now.