Was Going To Be A Confession...

When I was 15, I was sexually assaulted by a 27 year old man in my adult cousin's home.  All of the adults were shitfaced.  So, nobody noticed that this man was basically following me around the house and making sexually suggestive gestures to me in front of everyone, including his wife.  I was scared to death that he was going to force me to have sex, so I snuck off to the computer to e-mail a friend to talk to them about what was going on.  Well, the guy found me alone by the computer and spilled his beer on the internet modem as he was attempting to lay on top of me in the chair (I guess, in his drunken state, he didn't realize that you can lay down in a chair). 

The internet went out and I guess I forgot to exit out of my e-mail account.  Sometime later my cousin discovered the e-mails I'd sent to my friend about what had happened.  The guy who assaulted me sexually made it clear the following week, while he was sober, that he very well remembered what we'd done "together."

Several months after that incident, my mom got engaged to the pervert's brother in law.  My cousin was concerned that I would be exposed to the pervert more often if my mom married his brother in law, so she told family members about my e-mails that she'd read.  Well, they called my mom and told her they couldn't believe she was marrying someone with family members like that.    My mom then proceeded to tell me that he'd done the same exact thing to her, but that he "meant nothing by it." 

She made ME call HIM to apologize to him for "lies" getting spread about him.  She made me tell him that I never wrote the e-mails, and didn't remember anything like that happening.  She made me do it so there "wouldn't be any drama in her new marriage."  The excuse the pervert and his wife used was that he had taken klonopin before drinking that night and "blacked out."  I knew that was a lie and so did my mom.  She knew what he'd done to me.  Isn't that ****** up??

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i think yourmom really needs some serious therapy of her own cos she most have no sefl-worth if she thinks is an acceptable. You are worth so much more! don't let anyone stifle your voice or the truth. You HAVE to protect yourself. i hope you are ok.

wow that is insane - sorry that happened to you

:( It is definitely wrong on your mother's part. How humiliating. Not only were you betrayed by the guy but your own mother betrayed you just as bad if not worse. That would be a difficult experience to get beyond as well as forgive. I am sorry you had to experience both. I hope you're doing okay?

Call the f****** police alright because no offence your mum is really out of order marrying that weasel's brother in law.Theres nothing to it alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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