My Landlord

I recently moved to a new place for my fourth year in university.
My landlord shares the kitchen but has his own bathroom with me and my roommate Sonya (so he is technically our roommate). Me and Sonya live on the upstairs floor, he lives on the main floor and only comes on weekends. A couple weeks ago, my roommate went to Victoria like she normally does, and I was alone with the landlord, Brent. I had purchased a painted garden stick for my roommate and left it on the table for her, as a small gift. While I was in the kitchen, on the main floor, my landlord came up behind me when I was at the sink and 'playfully' hit my backside with the stick. He then went right up behind me pushing me up against the sink. I'm in my young 20s, he's 46 and overweight. I told him to stop and he never said anything. He eventually got off me and I immediately ran upstairs. Another time, again while my roommate was gone for the weekend, he went into my bedroom in the morning to talk to me and started 'tickling' me while I was in bed. This time I yelled at him to get out, he eventually did. Since then, I always lock my door when he's home.
Even though he has not raped me or anything, this really upsets me. I'm scared and disgusted by him. I try to avoid him at all costs. I'm also saddened because I told my roommate everything and she just laughed it off. I told my friend who was bothered by it, but she didn't really suggest anything..
I'm not sure if I should report this. I don't have any evidence. I'm thinking of using my cellphone to record any conversations I have with him so I can actually have evidence. Any more suggestions would be great, thank you. (Thanks for reading)
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First off - would be a great idea for you to relocate! Most states have emergency women's shelters for domestic abuse victims. This is a domestic situation albeit unique. Please look into this right away. If there comes a time when you just can't stand the thought of returning to this domain you'll have a real plan b. The phone number stored in your cell or written down and accessible. Secondly, are there any other friends or family members in the area? If the answer is yes it will be very important that you ask them to visit you especially when the landlord is home. Introducing your people those that care about you will send a message to this creep. Also, it wouldn't hurt to have a pretend "boyfriend" talk to him and this can be done with others in the same room. Letting the creep know there are boundaries that must be adhered to regarding your safety and happiness.