By a security guard.

In 2010 or 2011 my mom higherd a baby sitter. My sitter would bring me to her boyfriends job in his office, he would give us cookies her coffee and some other sweets... his name will be Andy. He was a security guard at a building complex that just happen to be where I lived. Every day my baby sitter would bring me there when my mother had to do some thing. One day my sitter had left me alone there (in his office) when he was checking the buildings, she had to use the washroom in my mothers houce she asked me if I wanted to go with her. I said ''No thanks.. I'm good'' and she leeft. about five minuts later Andy came back I could see him on the moniter in his office. When he came in he had a big grin on his face looking at me, he started to walk over to his spinny chair. When he sat down (I was standing) he kept that grin on his face and asked me to sit on his lap. I said no repetedly, he just kept saying it saying ''come on....'' Then I finally said to my self ''I guess nothings wrong with sitting on his lap.'' I then sat on his lap... he then put one arm around me and started moving his finger up and down my zipper on my closed sweeter. I looked at his eyes and he was still grinning. (we kept quiet the whole time) I was hoping my sitter would come back and I looked at the screen on the moniter and she was, he noticed and moved his arm off me along with his hand. I jumped off and ran over to her. Later on when my mother was home I told her what happend and the sitter and Andy where fierd. There was no phone in the office and the windows where looked... I was about nine...
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That gave me goosebumps.. Creeped me out.. *shivers* I'm so sorry that happened to you.

It's.. okay.

oh god! I know what its like. I get grossed out when I am reminded of what happened to me.

I am sorry to hear that. :( are you okay?

yeah that was the same year as u ironically enough. I don't know what gets into guys minds that make them think esp if they are way older than you that they can do that kind of stuff. no shame.

It is a shame that they would actualy think like that. I mean they should not be thinking like that at all no matter how old or young it is just not right.

R u ok now?

Not realy... I had one alittle more worse...

email me about it
i know im probs far away but ima teen girl too and i can relate
help maybe?
what happened wolfy?

Okay I will pm you. Thanks by the way. =)

anything for a friend

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