My Hs Guidance Counselor Is A Perv

There are like 4 guidance counselors in our high school. I think they are assigned students alphabetically - not really sure. Apparently they have to meet with all their assigned students at least once, to introduce themselves and let you know you can come to them if you have any problems. A month or two into my freshman year I got called to the guidance office to meet Mr "S". He was in his 40s, thin, balding (with a comb over like that's fooling anybody) kinda creepy in hidsight. He welcomed me into his office and closed the door. He sat behind his desk and I sat in one of the plastic chairs in front of his desk.

He asked me a lot of questions like how I was getting along, did I like high school, who my friends were, just general chatting stuff. After a bit he started getting more and more personal. He said I was a very pretty girl. He asked if I had a boyfriend - No I didn't. He asked if I *********** - I lied and said no. He told me it's perfectly normal and I shoudlnt be afraid to do it. He asked if I had ever given oral sex (no), he asked if I ever recieved oral sex (no), if I ever had intercourse (no). He said that when I did I should be sure to use condoms - he offered to give me some (I politely said "No thank you, I dont need them"). He said when I needed them to be sure to come and see him and he would explain how to use them. I answered all his question but I was feeling really uncomfortable. Nothing we talked about was outright blatant, it's all stuff we discussed in health class, so on paper it all looks above board. I'll bet he even put in his notes stuff like "discussed safe sex".

When he leaned back in his chair I saw he had his hand in his pocked fiddling with himself. When I shook his hand to say goodvye it was kinda clammy.

A few weeks later I talked about it with one of my friends who also has him as her Guidance counselor - she said he did the same thing when she was there. She told me her older sister had warned her that he did that (I guess he did the same when the sister met with him). She actually thought it was funny and pathetic. She said she thought she saw a wet spot on his pants when he stood up after their interview and that he definitely had a semiboner. I didn't think to look when I left his office.

We laughed about it at the time but it really creeps me out when I think about it now. I can't imagine actually going to him with any of my problems
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He needs to be reported and not just by you. Get together with your gf

You need to report this. One day, he may harm someone.
Counselors can be odd. For the last 2 years of my high school, my counselor would walk in my class and tell me "I'm going to make sure you never graduate." He had several people try to fight me so he could expel me. All kinds of stuff. On my last day of school, I best the counselor up and broke his nose. I did it in front of everyone.

This guys is definitely a creep. I had a coach who sexually harassed his athletes for YEARS but never got caught (until recently) because we just joked about how pathetic he was. Because the older girls didn’t say anything, I didn’t say anything and it continued until he finally got to the point of molesting one of my teammates. You are totally right in feeling uncomfortable!! I think you should tell someone else--whether its an office worker, another guidance counselor, or whatever. This guy is just gonna keep doing this type of thing and one day it might escalate to something even worse! Don’t let the cycle continue! If you need support, or advice, you can totally message me

One of the counselors in my high school made kiddie ****.

makes you wonder if the reason they go into that line of work is access to the kids

Yes. Which is why he ought to be busted.