I Became A Victim Again In 2013, They Won't Stop Until I Give Them What They Want

Even tho I tried to tell, and no body did anything about it I didn't say all the things I should've said. Maybe they would've got in trouble. They denied it and pretended like they didn't know what they were doing .. They got out of it. I feel like I lost. They knew exactly what they were doing. The very next day, they touched me again. Maybe it was a punishment... It's scary. Because I became a victim in 2012 of them and a victim in 2013 of them and this will stay with me all year . I'm scared to tell..
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I feel so sorry for you.

You definitely need help to go over it, you don't need and/or want to live with this and you don't deserve this !
I know it's hard and much easier to say than to do. This didnt happen to me exactly like this for me but kind of and i went to talk with someone neutral, was much easier to talk and to sort it out to go over it... it's a long work but being support by a professional person helped a lot. Here a website i recommend, coach are all professional and available 24/7. (Your24hCoach).

Take care of yourself and feel free to post a comment if you need anything !

Write it in a letter and give it to your mother and also email the same to your father. As intimidating as she might be, she is your mother and she will understand that more than being angry with you, she has to defend you. You need to take action asap because these boys might be harassing other girls as well and they all might be scared like you are. But, you can take charge now and include your parents. Maybe they might be able to help put an end to this.

I want you to start writing every harassment down-who, what, when where, and why.
You know your parents-I would suggest you tell them you are getting groped.

My mom doesn't take stuff like that that well.. It's hard for me to come to her in a snap of a finger it takes time because I'm scared... This is getting worse thanks

So mom's...abusive? How about dad?

She's not she's intimidating. My dad doesn't live with me he lives 1,000 miles away. It hurts because if he were here he'd kill them

Yeah, I'd tell him.
...Mainly because he's your parent.
While he *may* not be able to show up in person, he might be able to do something from where he is-like get the school administrators to take this seriously...maybe get your mom to take it seriously, where if it comes directly from you she might not.

Idk.. I'll see it's just hard.. They've done it so much. To the point where Im locked up... It's hard to explain nobody will ever know how it feels not to tell

I do. But I did anyway, if you don't tell your dad or mom they might try to do something even worse... if it helps when you talk to them imagin that your talking to your self.

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