My First "Boyfriend"

We first met in the 5th grade. I liked him, and he liked this other girl with huge breasts. Somehow he decided to ask me out, either to make her jealous or because he really liked. me. Anyway, being 10 our mothers chaperoned. A few months later, when 6th grade started, he broke up with me because I wouldn't say "I love you". Towards the end of the 7th grade, on April 1st, he called me and asked my forgiveness, and to take him back. Being 12 and naive, I did. He invited me over to his house. His mother was home, but in the kitchen, and nont paying attention to us. We were playing videogames on his couch when he invaded my personal space. He kept trying to pinch my but and put his hands between my legs, and feel me up. No matter how many times I told him to stop, he didn't. We went into his room to get another videogame, when he kissed me and put his hands around me. A week or so later, I broke up with him, because I was genuinely afraid that he would have taken it further next time. At the end of may, my guidance counselor came into our science class to talk about sexual harassment. Everything he said applied to me, so I left him a note in his mailbox. The following monday he called me down to talk about it, and told me that they would talk to him, then us together, then our parents. The dean of students called my house, and I was never called in for the little meetings that were promised. I don't even know if he got reprimanded. For the longest time I couldn't look people in the eye, and would absolutely refuse to watch romantic movies and be feminine. Now I'm getting better, and even though the boy got held back a grade, I don't know why (even though he's obviously an idiot) and I see him almost everyday at school, it's a day by day thing. The memory is finally starting to fade, even though it left its mark and changed me. Every once in a while I'll get mad about it, and bitter, but it's in the past, and I have a great future to look forward to.
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yeh its scary what can happen even when you are just 12 years old, you are still a child and to think that a boy would think such at that age is scary. But just because that happened doesnt mean that all guys are like that, i was together with a guy and he was for all the physical stuff, and it is annoying, but hey i hope you have a great guy sooner or later :)