As a male, I'm feel a little humiliated to even share this unpleasant experience here on a public website but I'll do it just for the hell of it and to let it out of my system.

I remember back in my early middle school years, there were two boys who've out of no where, just felt up my private parts when I was riding on a bus all a bit crowded up to school. I've tried to sit in another seat but the bus has already taken off so I couldn't move anywhere. Another time I was sexually harassed was when I was walking in a very narrow sidewalk on school campus(that resembles a dark alley) when a drama teacher of mine nearly bumped into me and unnecessarily grabbed my private parts for nearly minute to move me out of his way instead of just giving me a head up that I'm in his way so I can move out of his way. I have felt a little violated to a degree(not necessarily) once by a random girl who I don't even know, just out of no where just felt up my rear-end/@ss unconsented and made a couple of crude remarks about my rear-end and then walked away.

I honestly felt violated from these incidents with me and I was a little too humiliated to even say anything to anyone about it because I knew none of the school campus nor my classmates would believe me and I was afraid that I'd be looked at as "weak" and "unmanly" to be sexually violated and share this.

So ladies, here's a man that can understand how sexual harassment feels, only with me, there's twice as more double standards against me because I'm a male.
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3 Responses Aug 17, 2014

It sucks. It just sucks. It happens to guys just as much as females....I hate it..

I respect you so much for posting about this! You aren't weak,or any "less of a man", it's horrible we don't offer the same support to males as we do to females.

I am sorry you have been through that, I hope you are realize they are the ones who should be humiliated, not you.

That's rough. I'm sorry