I Was Used By A Heartless Guy

We had an amazing summer month. The dates were fun, talks were deep and the passion to be together was intense. We didn't hold back and let ourselves get intertwined. I never felt so connected to a guy before. The sex was unreal and the drive to see each other as often as possible was strong. We were exclusive bur promised not to get attatched as I was leaving in September. After an incredible weekend at the beach with my friends, you decide it's getting too serious and want to just be friends. This is so out of the blue, I'm not even sad. I don't believe it.
Turns out, what you meant to say was you want to JUST **** me and not look like a couple. You didn't want to go on dates anymore. When I did not agree to be your **** buddy, you disappeared.
Facebook shows me you are now seeing a friend of mine that I introduced you to at my birthday party! She's blinded and stupid by your game, like I was.
You're telling her I gave sex too soon and that I was too ditsy for you. All you have to talk about is your ex-gfs, which is how you got me to feel close to you too. You're cold hearted and the true loser, because you don't have anyone there for you. There's no one there to bring you up, so you just belittle all the people who have fallen for you. You're a coward and I hope you're heart get's shattered one day so you feel all the pain you've caused me and those before me. You deserve to die alone.
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Impluse as you say has been something I have done since a young age, I trust people to easly when I think we are connected, then I went the other way for many years and was told I was to cynical, wanted to much from a relationship by members of my family, I was feeling happy and content, yet still hoping for someone I could spend my life with. I beleive there are people out there like you and I just want someone we can share our feelings without judgement and understanding, a great friend, you sound alot like me, trusting, loving and caring, fun to be with. these are the things that I beleive are wonderful assets just be careful who you show them to,

Your story might as well be mine. You said it better. I just re-read my post and I do take back the part at the end of wishing he dies alone.. I was obviously very hurt at the time. Looking back on it, as you said, it's a life lesson. One I don't think I would have learned had it not happened to me. I trust so easily and live impulsively. Like you, I feel that sex is an ex<x>pression of how I feel about someone.

I also met a man who was very intense wanted me to be with him all the time, shared so much intimate thoughts, sex also was great, thought this is the first man in I could connect with. oneday just like you rang and said I no longer want to be romantically involved but would like to be friends. I was so hurt and took off guard that I needed a moment to think asked if I could ring back, he said yes, tryed to phone, nothing would not answer calls, answering machine turned off, mobile would not answer and work said he was to busy to talk. it has crushed me, never have I felt so used by anyone. We need to be so careful who we give our heart to and really get to no them before be give and if you are anything like me, sex is a ex<x>pression of how I am feeling for that person. so I hope I never again give to a man who only wants sex, get to no them first.