Does This Count?

I have been shot, but by an Air Rifle. I don't know if that counts in this group.

I've always gotten on better with men than with women and when I was 16, most of my male friends were going through a stage where they all adored guns. To this day, they still do, though it's now contained to things like 'Call Of Duty' and 'Army of Two'. But anyway, a group of us were down what we used to call 'the woods' (not very inventive, I know). It was behind our local comprehensive school and acted as a wall between the local farms and the dog walking path. It was an ideal place to take guns without being spotted.

Most of the boys were small-time gun lovers and had only been able to obtain BB guns, but there was one friend of mine, Dan, who had brought his father's Air Rifle with him. For a while, we just joked around and had a bit of a laugh, shooting apple's off the top of each other's heads with BB pellets. But after we tired of that and ran out of apple's, we moved onto something a little more difficult. 

Several feet away from our base of operations (a large charcoal put where most people build large fires), there was a fallen log that was practically parallel to the ground. Onto this log, we put a bunch of cans, then stood back twenty feet or so and used the Air Rifle to shoot them off. It was difficult to hit the targets and when someone WAS successful, everyone would cheer and rush to put the cans back up onto the log. Eventually though, I tired of this game and decided to have a break.

I sat round the campfire with my boyfriend, shivering with cold. I was only wearing a vest top at the time and my bf lovingly gave me his large Ice Hockey jersey to wear. Next up to use the Air Rifle was my boyfriend's flat mate, Mark. He was a lovely bloke, if a bit clumsy and he was reloading the Air Rifle with lead pellets. He cocked the gun, put the bullets in, pulled the barrel back up and BANG!

I screamed, feeling like I'd had a syringe plunged into my back. Everyone crowded round, wondering what the commotion had been about. I pulled up the hockey jersey and my vest top and saw a great big hole in my back. It wasn't bleeding much, but it hurt like hell! Luckily, the hockey jersey had retained most of the power from the blow and had stopped the lead bullet going and sticking into my skin. Mark apologised thoroughly, though it took him several minutes to get the words out, mostly out of shock.

I still have the scar to this day. It's not particularly big, but it certainly hurt like hell when it came down to it. Since then, I can say that my friends have decided to stick to virtual guns.

Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
Mar 19, 2010