Honesty Is More Fun

I have this ablity to tell the truth. This very perceptive and discerning spirit I've be blessed with is chalange ing. At first it was hard to learn. I knew what I saw andI felt my motives were in line, then I would open my mouth and it would go all wrong and off topic or into a blown up argument stuck in details that dont matter. All signs I've grown to learn that I need to work on my delivery. Im better now, much better. Most people come back to talk to me again after the intial POP is over.The realy funny ones are the friends/people that ae a little manipulitive. The ones that want honesty but wont ask for it just so when I open my mouth and the truth hurts them as it always does even when they ask, They can accuse me of being selfish, mean or my favorite didhonest. I dont sugar coat and im not an *******. The ones who act the most astonished at what i have to say are the ones to call me back the most. But the shunnng really happens when i hear nothing from them. Thats when I know they r lie ing to themselves again. When they want to call that guy the shouldnt aor do some drug or whatever guilty pleasure it is they hurt themselves with. That makes me sad. But, I would still rather be this friend than any other kind.

capriciousness capriciousness
26-30, F
Mar 14, 2010