And It's Starting To Show

I haven't been with someone so long I find myself having random thoughts like, "I love wearing shorts. I can't wait for the next warm day to wear a mini. My toes are looking hot. Why are my breasts swelling up so much?" Ugh, I need to get laid.
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4 Responses Sep 22, 2011

Put myself on the side lines once for about 5 years after a break up, for me it was good, needed to simmer down, don't worry, when your ready you'll get back on the bike.

Well, what can I say LOL<br />

Edit: look for a Dutchman! xxxW

I thought that, if you were a female, you could get easily laid with some strange men, but I guess I was totally wrong on that one :) My bad :) <br />
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Well I don´t know, but try not to do something, which you will regret later and can´t reverse from that situation! <br />
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Have fun and use condom! <br />
- Marin. <br />
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PS. When I was in clubs, I always used to give out my condoms to someone, who was in need for them and because I don´t do one night stands.... terrible idea! But I always have one on me!<br />
Safe sex is the best!

how long is too long _ if I were a female I would think getting laid would the easy,s thing in the world to do