18 Year Widow Ready To Start Over

Honest, reliable, fun loving, non-smoker, stubborn bull headed Swede. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, reading mysteries, flea markets, traveling, cruises, exploring new places, dining out and going to a movie, concert or theater.

OK, now, I have been a widow for 18 years. Lately I've noticed I don't enjoy going places and doing things alone anymore. I enjoyed it more when I was part of a couple. Now I'm not desperate, I'd rather be alone than with someone I'm unhappy with. I know what I want and don't want. I may sound unreasonable, just realistic. If you were honest with your self, you'd probably agree.

Now, this will probably sound off the wall to you but I've been thinking about this and this sounds like something that should be acceptable to both of us.

I would like to meet a senior retired widower, honest, kind, non-smoker, good sense of humor, loveable, enjoys life. Now the reason for this list is because he will probably be set in his ways. Values his alone time and his own space. But he will still want to let me into his world and share his interests with me. He won't want a clingy woman hanging on him 24/7. Now this is something I think will work for both of us, like I said, I can change my mind if convinced.

Now, am I making any sense to you at all? Am I talking to you? If so, please respond, I'd love to hear from you.

I do not want any young studwannabes looking for a cougar, thats not me and I'm not interested. If your looking for someone to help you raise your kids, not interested, already been there, I'm too old for that.

Now, if I haven't scared you away, I'd love to hear from you, I don't bite, honest.

MadisonVinesGal MadisonVinesGal
70+, F
Jan 7, 2012