No Boyfriend Since Birth

I am 24 years old. I am turning 25 this year and I never had a boyfriend, I have never been kissed, and I have never been on a real date. I have been single for way too long, and all I want is to find someone that I can love and someone who will love me as well.

I want to experience what it's like to be loved, to be courted, to be given flowers, to be surprised with little thoughtful things, to be taken care of, to be kissed and to be with a man. It often gets to me, especially if I see people my age being in lasting relationships and getting married. I feel so alone in this world and I feel so lonely that I'm afraid I'll grow old like this. I'm sick of being single. :(

[[edit: I didn't mean for it to sound so desperate. I'm just speaking from my heart and I really needed to let it out. I sincerely hope there are other people out there who can relate as well.]]
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im the same as you.. im 24 turning 25 this year...
still single , never been kissed and never had a boyfriend since birth..
i think the problem with me is im afraid of coming out of my shell.. im not used to intimate contact with the opposite sex partly caused by my bad relationship with my family.. my father has been abusive and not good pillar of support. i became a man hater when i was in high school that's why whenever some boy shows interest in me, i shove them off.
My standards are also high i always look for the good looking, kind and intelligent types a.k.a. the mister perfect type. Its not like i'm perfect myself but i'm easily turned off when i notice what i dont like in a guy.
The result is i'm still single and inexperienced up to this day.

i dont mind losing my virginity first. i know this is out of the order in a relationship but you cant blame me if my view on love is distorted.
i want to experience what it means to be hold in the arms of a man but i'm afraid of my own complexities. Hopefully next year my job contract at Saudi will end and i will come back to my country. I wont be afraid anymore of my own short comings as a girl and just bare all of myself to him; whoever you are.

you are not alone girl; there are girls out there like you...
we are just afraid and we always ask ourselves what if... and the only thing left on us are regrets and solitude. dont be afraid to get wild and crazy. i know that there are some circumtances thats been holding us back but when the time comes that u need to risk it all why not just go for it. im ready for next year and come what may.

I feel you. I'm 23 and the only guy who has ever liked me... didn't actually like me. Turns out he was just pretending and he actually liked our other friend. He was just too chicken to ask her out. Also, no one (not even my friends) thinks I'm pretty. They always exchange compliments about their looks, but they never directed at me. I'm convinced that i am the ugliest and most unappealing person on earth. Like even if i were the last girl alive, no one would still want me.

I'm 21 year old right now I'm fed up of waiting my soul mate my emotions of love is gonna explode and burst my brains off..... I am so lonely and cannot be compared with the deepest depths of Atlantic ocean .... I'm like you all... I want to meet someone I have suffered enough ... to know all your feelings..... T_T i'm not crazy I'm just super sad ... I have a blog on tumblr go find single since birth ... my user is MagnetglazeR or add me on Facebook

I suggest you make new friends. They are not your real friends.

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Hmm I am 21 years old and like everyone in here, I have no boyfriend since birth. I date boys but its usually ended with the MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING or getting to know part. At first I wasn't adamant searching for one since I had a college to attend to and I was quite shy towards opposite gender (tend to avoid their gazes and find the ceiling/wall/ground entertaining) when meeting one.

My parents aren't strict and that's the problem. I was the only cousin/ relative who hadn't acquired a lover. Call it pressure since my aunts and uncles are checking if I had one, (strange family, I know.)

True that, I really wanted to experience being love. I wanted to have a decent boyfriend. I always envied people who are dating and enjoying the life of a committed person . I hope I'll not be single my whole life. It's pretty lonely out there and plus I am an only child. Tsk. Bummer.

I'm turning 21 this x-mas and i'm single since birth. Since i'm still young. I'm busy looking for job and looking for scholarship to other country. :D I used to love the song somebody out there i bet you should listen to it one time. all singles would feel hopeful that there is somebody out there looking for them. ^_^

Okay I am 15 and I'm also like u! I know I'm still young... But, duh almost all my classmates have and I want someone to court me too then I'll dumb him after.. I just want to experience it. But I think it would take long to happen, I only talk to people whom I want to talk with and I never had a close guy friend, I only had 2 or 3 guy friends when I'm a child, but now? None. I'm actually guy-shy, I know I'm not friendly and I don't talk to guys just when I need something or asking *sighs* I wonder how to be fun with guys, seriously!? I don't feel anything now! After I had a huge crush last year now I can't have a new one... I wish I can feel those things, LOVE, etc. I'm being apathetic :(But girl, don't worry! Time will come, u wrote this 2 years ago I hope u had already? Good luck! And God bless you bye!!

i can totally relate with every word you have written...i want to be ur friend coz i feel like i can now talk to someone who i can share my true feelings with, most of my girlfriends can't relate with me because they have never experienced the pain of being an nbsb :(

im 19 yr old nbsb.. my mom doesnt want me to get a boyfriend unless i got my college diploma.. and i use this excuse whenever i bumped into a wrong guy.. its true that im not yet permitted but i can fight for a guy who is truly worth it.. now, things are coming up into my mind.. next year there's a possibility that i will have my diploma but there's no one waiting for me.. in fact i am the one who waits for him.. and i am afraid that the right man for me cannot find me.. i am afraid that i might wait for him forever..

I am 26 going on 27 this year and until a few weeks ago I was in the exact same situation. I decided to try online dating, unfortunately it didn't go so well for me. I met a nice guy, we dated for a couple of weeks and I lost my virginity to him. After that he decided we didn't have a connection and dumped me via text. So the advice I would give based on my experience would be:
1) Be proactive, you can't just wait for a relationship to fall into your lap. Try online dating or join a club or sport team, something where you can meet new people.
2) Once you do start seeing someone, don't move too fast. It's so easy to get excited that you're finally seeing someone, move at the pace your comfortable with, don't rely on him to set the pace for things.
3) if things don't work out and you end up heartbroken, don't let it keep you from trying again (this one I'm still working on myself)

i'll also keep that advice.. ;)

Just be careful on online dates,most guys are just looking to get laid.just like what happened to my friend.after the sex he was gone.

it's so cute to read comments here.. :"> well, i'm younger. i'm 21 but like most of you, i've never been on a date, never been kissed and never had a boyfriend. worse? i never had a crush. well, just one (back when i was a child) plus one actor (for years now). other than that, naaah.<br />
<br />
i believe that there's one guy destined for each one of us. soon, we'll find them. i think we just shouldn't fall in love in the idea of falling in love. ;) i'll pray for a successful 'first relationship' and hopefully 'last relationship' for all the girls patiently waiting. kuddos!

im 30 never been kissed. lol
im happy being single ang im not looking for love. i just hate people keep telling me to get a boyfriend get married. this is my life if a man comes along i love him so be it. being single its a choice or sometimes your waiting for the right person that can love you

I feel you. At least in your case you're younger than I am. 28 and NBSB. I keep asking what could be wrong with me to still be single at this age when everyone I know from high school and college have all settled down.

Same here. The worst part here is that a lot of people keep on asking me why I never had a boyfriend. It's like a reminder of how lame I am when it comes to men. Is there a brief response to this kind of question? What do you usually tell them?

It's not a question of how lame you are when it comes to men, but when will the right man find you. Don't expect him to be perfect, but right for you. Sometimes, his quirks are also the same reasons why you will find him adorable and loveable.

same here

man here, i fell you, hope u find the guy right now...

I feel you. I'm now 21 yrs. old and haven't had a boyfriend since birth. Actually someone had courted me but I just can't seem to trust them. Whenever I feel like having a boyfriend, I think of accepting them but whenever I get to do that, there's just something that force me not to. I hope I'll find my soulmate soon. I don't wanna be alone forever. I want to have my own family.

I am 23, a medical intern. And I also am in the same situation as you are. Although I think mine is worse. No one has ever courted me or liked me. I have never been on a date. It's kinda sad because sometimes, I think that there is something wrong with me or I am not likeable. I am afraid that by the time I become a successful doctor, I would still be alone. How I wish I would meet the right man for me (if there is one).

shame littlemissdoctor, I like to be your own man!!! but I am miles away from you.....distance might not in our faviour, seeking your reply as I real wish be yours forever @ 30, with no wife or children in SA. I am an african biography of Thabo Mbeki former SA President after Nelson Mandela........."“I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for, and to see realised. But my Lord, if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.""

don't be...i believe that u are an amazing girl, i can totally relate. i'm in the same situation...i'm 20 and no one has ever courted me also, let's just think that we're too amazing and too hot to handle, hahahha.. :)

Hi, softmallowgum!

I am a 25-years-old woman who have also been single since birth. I have my share of suitors, but none of them were worth dating. I have had many crushes on guys. During the journey of befriending them I have learned that either they are taken and hopelessly in love with their significant other or they just want to have a fling with random girls. I even have my share of heartbreaks. Recently, I was able to reconnect with a guy that broke my heart nine years ago. My reason for reconnecting with him because of our unresolved issue was a clutch to give a guy (I soon realize that it wasn't the case, I just wasn't that into him) my cousin's boyfriend would like to set me up with. I was surprised that he actually contacted me after I gave our mutual friend the message that I would like to contact him. He actually took the opportunity to contact me because he actually tried for years to find me to apologize. Yeah, I know that sound like good news and there is an opportunity of a silver lining of my dating future and possibility finally getting into a relationship. Nope that is not the case. You see he is mending a broken heart and I share dare to say even a broken spirit. His fiance broke off his engagement to him because he wasn't the godly man that she needed in her life. My sixteen-year-old self was floored by that and I felt his sadness in the tone of his voice. I just knew there is no possible way this would work out. I didn't want to pray on the concept whether if this is God's well to provide us the guidance that we would need. I refuse to be hopeful. Lately, I have been considering to end our newly reformed friendship due to the fact that part of me still likes him. While, there is a part of me that is reminded of the pain of the heartbreak I endured from him. I even think about his current situation and I just can't stop my self from sympathizing with him. I just took the time be the mature adult I have grown-up to be and just be his friend, since what he need is a friend. I reminded myself that i wanted closure from him and that what I received, even when I didn't expected him to say that he searched for me for years to apologize. He was remorseful, which reconfirmed my old thoughts of him being different from the guys in our age group back then. I even realized that if this does becomes an issue for me again then I just need to let him know that I need to end this friendship because of the lingering feelings are beginning to flourish a bit.

Anyways, enough about my little story. I get how you feel about waiting, praying, and wondering when would be my time. I definitely believe that it would happen when I least expect it to. When God believes my time have arrive. Until then, I will enjoy the moments I spend with my family and friends, along with mend any issues that will prevent my personal, emotional, and spiritual growth. One day it will happen, we just need to enjoy life and keep a firm relationship with God.

I am almost 30 and in the same page as you! I admit is not also the need for companionship but there are things or feelings that your own body just tells you hey you need to experiment this!! At least a kiss or holding hands with a person that you think at least loves you for you nothing else. I think at times that I might end up alone but then shrugged it out as wait who knows in the end there might be someone for me that is at least attracted to me.

girl, im 27 & i have no bf since birth:)) ur still young...u still have a lot of chances;) i perfectly understand how it feels to be alone, especially when u see lovers who are so sweet...dunno, may be im meant to be alone forever, lols!

Aww, thanks. But yeah, I hope whatever is the plan for us, we'll be happy with it, single, attached or what not. Thanks for reading and commenting btw :)

Oh and I wrote this last year, I'm 25 now turning 26. So yeah we're not that far off age wise haha :P

me to im turning 18 but then i dont have a boyfriend eversince.. just like you guys craving for something that cant buy with money. my only happiness for now is my crushes....
i just always watch them from far...i understand you guys is not easy to be alone.... how i wish that someone could give me flowers to. and kiss me...
HOW I WISH FOR THAT.......................... :(

Aww, you are so much younger than me, like what the other people said, you are still blooming, but I understand you and how you want it all too. I hope things will start coming well for you. Just continue to enjoy life, meet new people and who knows what it will bring you :)

Hi you're not alone in this world. I'm turning 22 and I'm single as well - never had a boyfriend either. Though I have suitors I don't feel the guts liking either one of them. Maybe I am just choosy. But anyway, being single is also a blessing. You don't have to go through heart aches and break ups. You can enjoy a lot of things without someone to worry about. You can mingle with a lot of guys. Just be friendly and approachable. Who knows someone out there admired you from a distance. You do have a suitor, don't you? Try giving them a chance.

Hey eye 21, being single is also indeed a blessing. I didn't have suitors back then, now I'm talking to someone I like but he's not from here. I'm just working on myself now to be a better me, then will just let God / Fate do it's thing. I need to love myself and accept myself so that I can be lovable hehe lol :P Thanks for the comment btw, bst of luck to all of us :)

That's right softmallowgum. I know you can do it so keep it up. Who knows you'll get a boyfriend sooner just like me haha (just got in a relationship last week).

Like you guys, I'm 24, 25 in two weeks, and I've never had a real, proper relationship. I dated a guy briefly when I was 20, did have my first kiss, it's true, but that's it and nothing since. Sometimes I despair of never falling in love. I don't know what it is - I'm often told I'm pretty (by women and older men, never younger men), I'm pretty smart, and I think I'm a nice person, but I just can't seem to interact with men. They never approach me, ever. I don't know, I think I send out some kind of "don't come near me" signal, or I'm friendzoning myself. I've had older guys (like 60+) be almost embarrasingly appreciative, but never anyone near my own age since that brief 3 months when I was 20. I do like older guys, but not 40 years older!

Haha, I agree with the 'don't come near me' signal lol. I hope things are better now in your love life, best of luck to all of us (single or not) :)

hahaha.. i can feel you there tyria..there are also guys and girls who told me i'm pretty and fun to be with.. i'm pretty smart too so that made me not a boring companion..but i don't know why can't there be a guy who could approach me.. they say i have an intimidating aura, i don't know, i don't think so.. and when people ask why i still don't have a bf(cos three of my girl friends have theirs) i don't really know what to say.."It seems when you want someone, they don't want you. And when someone wants you, you don't want them. And when you both want each other, something has to come around and mess it up"
well anyways, there are some pros of being single.. i can mingle to any guys around while my friends are restricted..

Not that bad to be single.The later but right one is better than the wrong one.

No you shouldn't be worried, love is a fickle thing and can happen through any point of your life. I'm the same as you lovely 23 and never had a boyfriend, but don't let it put you off from living your life. All i can say is :It will happen but just not yet, there's nothing wrong with you its just fate.
- Men are not all cracked up to be, many friends have had their hearts broken just from a guy sometimes it makes you glad your single.

There are always dating sites if you fancy or just simply interacting with strangers on the street.
Never give up and enjoy life ;-)

Hope i helped.

Thanks for the comment :) Love is really weird, can struck you anywhere anytime hehe. Hope you are doing well in life too :)

hahaha...........Don't worry you are not alone.....some of my friends got married and have some kids at the very young age..after the high school graduation..I'm Oh my goodness..after 1 year and after 2 years....oohh..rumors around....hey your and there got babby...then after I graduated in collage...Some of my school will ask me.."hey how many kids do you have?" I will reply...I don't have kids..and I don't want to inter in any Rship for now....Will any way that's no big deal for me.... ^_^ I just love to enjoy my life being single....I believe God is preparing some one for us.. in time..but for now.... I love being single.....Yah some of my friends will cry on my shoulder...and will talk about their bf/ immature husband....But hey...I still got plenty of Friends who had no boyfriend since birth and I'm one of them..hahahaha.. ^_^ I don't pretend...sometimes..I wish I could have someone but most of the time...I don't know about you guys... But I love being single....(If God will give me partner in life..thank God....If I grow old single...that's still fine....I'm not alone any way..Jesus Christ is on my side....) hahaha... ^_^ God bless you girl..hope you find your MR. HEart..this year...I'm new in this EP...hahaha nice group...

I'm glad you love being single, I genuinely wish we all can have your attitude :) It is indeed better than being stuck in an immature marriage, etc.

Hi, Id also like you to know that you are not alone. Im 20 going on 21 and have never been in rship, had a boyfriend, dated , been on a date. I t really gets to me. Well that and a whole bunch of issues but I won't hijack your post with my drama. That said, I long for those same things you long for and when I see couples, i get envious-really wishing I knew what it felt like. I think to myself damn, 'fat,ugly,skinny,geeky' ppl all have their lil gf or bf but I don't! SMH. I never really cared for a bf at high school really, but I kinda became interested at community college and then totally interested, right now as I am at university. I think, well I know a big part of me wanting to have a bf and feeling bad about not having one is due to the fact that it is just all around me. ..everyone has their lil bf/gf. Also, it's really weird when ppl my age talk about their bf/gf/ex etc and it's like have nothing to say. It's embarrasing cuz I don't want them to know Ive never had a bf cuz then the qstsn will starts, and ppl will begin to wonder...?? huh?! Okay, well just know that ure not alone. Hopefully, we find the loves of our life sometime soon.

-Signed, a girl who sometimes cries herself to sleep and lots of the time creates imaginary ppl and situations in her head-

Aww I hope you're doing okay now, single or not. Don't be embarrassed to talk to a friend or a family member about what you feel. Even if you say it sounds pathetic, real friends will listen and hear you out. You are younger than me and you have a full life ahead to date and meet the right person

I’m 25 and I’ve never had a serious relationship either. Just like you, I get mixed emotions whenever I would hear news about a friend getting married or having a baby. There are times when I would just mull things over. Am I not good enough? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not worthy of love? A part of me tells me that to think that way is ridiculous since I’m pretty much an accomplished woman in my own right. And I guess I can say I’m not bad looking either. ^__^ Once in a while, there would be guys who’d do a little bit of “flirting” with me like they’ll be asking me out and be all sweet and stuff. The weird thing is it doesn’t get any further than that. I think it’s partly my fault because I tend to distance myself from guys who try to make a move simply because the whole “courtship” thing is alien to me. Because of that, those guys just end up being friends with me. I just hope that when the opportunity arises and the right man comes along, my mind and my heart will be ready.

I really feel you, I too distance myself from others. Now I'm trying to change that (and a lot of things in my life actually). Best of luck to us both :)

=) I can feel your heart. Trust me. I never had a boyfriend before since birth. I am 24 years old this November. When I was in high school and University, there were 4 guys who went after me. They are not a good choice - the first one became a gangster later on in high school, even he is not a gangster I still don't like him because I like someone has good education or at least a good student/guy, not like this flirting type. The 2nd one is even skinnier than me a lot (i'm not obesity), lazy, like to gossip around like a girl, and not even look at me when he talks (bow his head down - no confidence). The 3rd one is such a liar who like to make things up all the time. The 4th one liked me at the first sight. He does not have a good look and not good (i don't know how to describe clearly, but you can imagine about it.)

I fell in love with 2 guys in a serious way. 1 is a Christian like me and we attend the same church since high school. My friend interfered between us and finally they started for a while which I found out later. I felt very hurt and she betrayed me. It has been 5 years for me to put down this feeling. 2nd one does not look good in the eye of most of the people, no muscle, and not that man, but he is very smart in school which I really appreciate this point. He never liked me before and he said so many things that hurt me.

Sighhh...Whenever I thought there would be a chance to be with the one I love, there will always be a disappointment. When I think there is a hope, disappointment is always a time to occur. T.T

I used to tell my family that I don't need a boyfriend/ husband and I'm okay. Indeed, I feel lonely at the bottom of my heart. I'm living in a single family. My mom always works until 8-9pm, and my older sister always go out dating with her boyfriend. I always eat dinner myself. Beside going to church for small group/fellowship, i have no activity. I saw my classmates and friends have boyfriend and they have a lot of fun that I can see their pictures posted on facebook. I have done a silly thing when I was in high school. I saw most of my classmates and friends have Valentines' gift and flowers on 2/14. I bought gifts to my friends and I pretended a flower chocolate is given by my lover. Indeed, I had none.

Am I really that bad? How come I have such a worst love life? I feel so depressed. I hope I could have a boyfriend or Mr.Right next to my side when I feel sad or happy. I am a human and I am a girl. I hope to have someone loves me, court me, receive flowers from my love one, surprised, and hug/kiss that I could feel protected. I want to cry now. T.T.

I experienced so many failures in the past and I'm not dare to love people anymore. I feel lack of confidence. Whenever I see some potential good guy or good looking guy, I will tell myself "don't think about it, he won't like you this type." I hope in one day I would become a princess. I don't know what is the meaning of my life. =.= I feel no direction and hopeless. Valentines date is coming next year. I will be alone again. Well, at least I still have my mom at night with me. I wish I wish to have a real date before or on 2/14/2013. Praise the Lord, may God hear the prayer. Amen. =.=

Although it would be a lot nicer to have someone we cherish acknowledge us, we need to remember that we need to love ourselves first. :)

Hi ChristmasAngel, Nebula16 has a good point. You are worth the guys you see and find attractive. Open your beautiful heart and mind and you never know who will come in for you :)

I'm turning 29 and I've never had any relationships... because I fell in love with just one man who never returned my love, well, when he finally did...I realized that he is not really the man I could love... so, time and life wasted.. LOL

No time and life is wasted so long as you learn something from it :)

Same here though I'm younger compared to you. I'm only nineteen but I guess what we've been through is roughly the same. I often see my friends having someone that cares, love and protect them. I get envious and always curious how it feels like to have a boyfriend. I experience a few boys that courted me but it didn't work. It seems like I'm having a jinx when it comes to boys. I think I'm kinda peaky too because I'm always the shoulder my sister and my fiend cries on whenever they got problems or they broke up with their boyfriends. Now, I'm still hoping that the guy for me is out there and waiting for me to be loved :)

I'm still kinda young, so maybe I can't relate to you completely. I think I know how you feel- I have friends that are dating or in love and I'm sitting there watching this go on, feeling like no guy is ever going to want me if one hasn't shown interest yet.

When I'm feeling like that, there is a little voice in my head telling me to be strong so when the guy I'm supposed to be with comes along, I will be ready.
I hope my little story made you feel at least a little bit better!

Same here

I am 32 and have had 3 girlfriends since i turned 18 and they were with me for about 6 months each. I worry that i have become so used to being alone that i will be unable to adapt to a relationship even if i somehow met right woman.

I know what you feel and like you, I will be turning 25 next month. Being single since birth also worries me, especially knowing many of my classmates and friends are getting married, becoming pregnant or both. Sometimes, when I speak my heart out with regards to this matter to my friends and family, they will always cheer me up and say that there is someone for me waiting out there and that love will come at the right time. Perhaps, this is not yet the right time for me since I just started attending Graduate school last June and that someone is just really out there and our paths have not crossed yet.<br />
<br />
You are not alone in this matter. I too feel the loneliness of having no boyfriend since birth sometimes. Surround yourself with people who will cheer you up and encourage you to try new activities. Make yourself preoccupied with lots of things. Join new organizations. In that way, you won't feel too lonely. And who knows, you might meet him there? Just believe that someday you will meet him eventually. We are lucky that we are being spared from heartbreaks,break-ups, and bad boyfriends. You are not desperate, otherwise, you would just go with anyone just for the sake of not being single anymore ;)

Thanks for this (and sorry for the late reply lol). I have been trying to work on myself and will continue to do so :) I removed 'toxic' people in my life too so that I won't get pulled down by their negativity.

Hope you are doing well now, single or attached :P

I am the same as you... Its hard but i guess i just keep on thinking that someday that person who will love me for me will come. Ive been hurt before by someone who is still with me right now as a friend we were never really together but the way things were made it seem like we were which made it harder to forget because there was no closer he just moved on and i never got to. He's still a friend but things were never the same again. I do hope we all find that person and be happy with him ;)

Aww I can just imagine seeing someone constantly who has hurt you in the past, it does make it hard to move on. Feel better soon, and yeah I hope we'll all find the right one soon :)

Im a hopless romantic, i love pampering women n there feet, hmu to talk i love a good conversation n a girl with a sense of humor n open mind. :-)

Well you sound like a decent guy who loves to pamper her girl. I'm sure you'll find someone who deserves you soon :) I hope I find mine too, lol :P

I'm also like you, as in NBSB.. . <br />
But I don't really feel lonely at all.. I'm just focusing on my life right now..<br />
Happily spending my precious time with my family & closest friends.. <br />
Just patiently waiting, because it is my great conviction that someday <br />
I'll be able to find my prince charming! <br />
and when that time comes.. . my life will never ever be the same! <br />
<br />
I know he'll come to you soon!<br />
True love is worth waiting for! <br />
<br />
::: (_( ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙<br />
*: (=’ :’) :*:* ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙ <br />
•.. (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`» ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

Thanks, indeed, true love is worth waiting for :)

Just like everyone else on this forum, I'm on the same boat as you. Sometimes I also feel that everyone around me is getting married and starting families while I'm stuck at neutral at the starting line. The best thing to do is not to rush it even though at times we get the urge to desperately find that right person the next day and get married the day after. If we all had a nickel for whenever someone told us you'll find love when you least expect it, we'd be really rich but the best thing to do is not to rush it because I'm sure we'll find our true love one day.

Thanks for commenting :) Yeah, if only we had a nickel for it, we'd be rich :) I understand we don't need to rush it, sometimes they say it'll just come when you least expect it. Some days are just harder I guess, the loneliness can sometimes get you when you're vulnerable.

Hey, its fine..neither ur desperate nor it's wrong to feel the things ur feeling. I'm on the same boat..a co-passenger. I can definately understan, d pain n d urge to b loved n taken care of. There's a dialogue in one of my favourite movie P.S. I Love You..."even though we are alone but still in d group of loners"..n dis dialogue hlps me 2 cop al d hard times..n 2 hope 2 get sumone,someday..:)

Thank you for that lovely quote :) I'm just glad I was able to find EP and I was able to let it out. Little did I know that there are people who feel the same. I can hope for the best, and yeah maybe someday I'll find what I'm looking for. I hope you too :)

Ur welcome..n good luck:-)


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