Think I Might Be Miserable? Think Again

lets see... I've been single for..2 plus decades! Yikes! you say? perhaps.
Over that time I've discovered that I really am a very good person (now) and I just don't need anyone to "validate" me or my life.

I have friends who I speak with and see occasionally. I'm gregarious and I believe am of average intelligence so I am perfectly comfortable striking up a conversation with anyone including complete strangers. I've been told I am not too bad on the eye (which I guess helps a lot).

So, yes, I have been single way too long, but it doesn't bother me, not one bit, and now my life has more fulfillment and meaning than it ever did in the past.

I like myself (others seem to like me too). I'm confident, I like to read and learn new things. Mostly I am perfectly comfortable in my own skin.

5hadow 5hadow
4 Responses Jan 17, 2012

Good for you, 5hadow!<br />
You sound like a very cool man, and I wish there were more guys like you (someone who is always willing to learn and not just getting into relationships for the sake of being with someone)! :)<br />
<br />
GOD BLESS! (If you believe there's a god.)

:) thank you. I DO believe! the thought of the world just randomly spinning out of control is...well its frightening!

More people like me? hmmm.... idk if that's a great idea, I can be a bit of a stick in the mud and over the years I've gotten even more puritanical. Heck I don't know if I could tolerate a world full of ME's. lol I'm far from perfect (just ask my daughter, who currently isn't speaking to me).

Puritanical? Even better! The world needs more people who are pure and moral! &gt;&lt; Doesn't it?
Aww no... I'm sorry to hear that things have turned sour between you and your daughter... What happened?

You may not be single too long at all. I was single longer than I would have liked but am happy because God blessed me with the right person at the right time. I just got married Dec. 31, 2011. I believe one is never too old for love. It is really good that you are comfortable with yourself. It makes life good.

From your lips to G-ds ears! but if not, then I have been blessed with a daughter, and I just couldn't imagine being any happier

Thank you for your story. It puts one's own identity above the validation of others. I have been single for some time that I count the time between Summer Olympic Games as 1year.LOL

Never give up hope. I gave up and I was given the greatest gift ever. so miracles DO happen

That is so terrific. You ARE a win-win situation. Should you choose to attract a partner, it will surely be someone who is equally at home with him/herself. Should you remain alone, you will continue as you are - well-adjusted and satisfied with your life. Thank you very much for sharing your mature point of view - quite an encouragement for others. <br />
<br />
Be well.

Thank you. I can be a bit insufferable at times, so any mate would have to be extremely tolerant lol (so I hold out little hope) If I do or have helped anyone, I glad and happy to do it. thanks again for your kind words