Way Too Long.

I have been single for close on 11 years now, ever since a very traumatic break up with my ex girlfriend. She was a lot younger , and , with the benefit of hindsight ,i should have realised that the whole thing was doomed to failure ., such a wonderful thing, hindsight. I took a long time to get over it all , and for some years ,lived in the forlorn hope that she might one day return. No fool like an old fool as they say. Problem for me is that i love with every shred of my being, nothing is hidden or kept in reserve ,and , if ones partner does not reciprocate, cracks begin to appear ,and often become irreparable. This is NOT to say that i blame her entirely ,because i do not, truth is i bear considerable responsibility for our demise. No matter ,whats done is done and all of us must grieve, learn and move on. Though i have had some opportunities come my way since , i have maintained arms distance in order to be sure that i'm over it , as i do not wish to be responsible for stringing someone along ,and consequently hurting their feelings . That simply is not fair to someone who shows interest in becoming ones partner, and i'm just not prepared to hurt some poor woman for my own gratification. So perhaps it may take a little longer, so be it, i'm still a "work in progress", and am still recovering financially from what was a total emotional, physical, financial and material disaster. I'm not the first,and sadly,i won't be the last , but here i am, still standing, stronger, and, hopefully wiser , but that last one is for others to judge. So girls, if you've got the passion, the curves, your own mind ,and want to be loved the way a woman should be loved, here i am.
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Here i am!