I Want To Fall In Love Again

The last guy I loved whom loved me too left me for another gal.
That happened after my dad passed away, in 2003. 

From then onward, life was just having flings, non-attached relationship, no love, just physical.

Its been 9 years, internet dating, speed dating, etc.... nothing works.

I confessed to 2 guys recently (whom i met from work and another one was a long-time friend) this year but what I get in return is " i like you as a friend"
I want to fall in love again, i look but i failed. ...
I considered myself as an understanding individual, non-clingy, independent, and have so much love to share. 
I am still waiting for the one to share his love with me as much as I wanted to share mine with him. 

zynky zynky
31-35, F
1 Response May 11, 2012

I'm sure that day will come.<br />
I wish you the best!