Hoping To Live Every Day But Still Dying From Inside .

trying to live every day but still i am dying from inside . i dont wish to live anymore or any reason to live my life any more but still try to live my life for my parents .. its hard for me to be mentally stable or emotionally stable i am so broken apart that i cant put myself together .. I AM SEARCHING WAYS TO PUT MY SELF TOGETHER BUT I AM FAILING ON EVERY STAND .. E.P IS HELPING ME TO SOME EXTEND BUT e.p is not effective because i can only talk to people when they are online just for some limited time and they usually dont have concern with me that much .. i truly wish that my life would end now . i dont want to live it any more :(
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It is good to share your feelings even if it is online, your parents would be devastated if you choose to give up on life. I too have had some really dark times and couldn't see a way out but thankfully I pushed on and years later I now have 4 beautiful children and 3 wonderful grandchildren to help me smile when I am down (even though i am still young!) I miss my sister so much as she was a great support to me and she understood me like no other person, I will try to carry on and be the person she supported me to be, you just keep talking to anyone you can to share your feelings and you will hopefully start to heal and feel more positive x

thanks for your concerns .. i hope you feel better

i am trying my best to strong again and to have a reason to live ... i have talk to my parents and my supports a lot .. due to them i am live or else i would have died on 6 nov 2012 .. i ahve tried every thing yes i have talk to my friends .. but they are too much busy in there life .. i was so mentally disturb that i have join ep just to express my feeling

It is hard for me to read your words of despair, life is far to precious to wish away. Have you tried talking to your parents or a friend or even the samaritans about how you feel? I am grieving for my sister at the moment as she died only 2 weeks ago, i know now that life is short enough as it is without wishing it away. You are so young and should get out there and grab life with both hands and live it to the fullest you can. I know that you must be in a dark place at the moment but I am sure there is something good somewhere that you ca hold on to and try and get through this time.

agree with u

i am sorry to know about your sister