I'm single. I've been single all my life. That is WAY TOO LONG!

I keep seeing couples. Everywhere. It's depressing.

I realise that being in a relationship isn't all sunshine, butterflies and rainbows but it would be nice sometimes to just have someone, you know.
Someone that I could depend on, someone to talk to about anything and everything, someone to love, someone to just be with, someone to hold me when I need it, someone I can hold when they need it, someone to come home to, someone I can be home for...anyway, you get the picture.

There are times when I think about it more than other times, and tonight is just one of those times I suppose. I guess I'm just sick of all the people around me pairing off, getting married, having know the drill...

I'm just sick of being single.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

I have also been single all my life,it wasnt much fun when i was young but as the years have past i have come to realise it gets better as you get older.Iam now glad that i have never had a woman hanging round my neck like a millstone & curbing my freedom.