I feel like I have no chance of being in a proper relationship... I had a girls night out with some friends last night which was fun, but I found myself feeling like the 'grenade'- my friends are really attractive and had guys fawning over them and wanting to talk to them all night where the only attention I got was a couple of random *** grabs, not even a 'hey' to go with them. It really hurts me to think about how I have only ever been in one (very short!) relationship when I was sixteen, and makes me question myself as a person as to whether I am worthy of someone loving me when it seems like everyone around me is so much happier and more loved. Like everyone, I have days where I love myself and days where I feel down but I really do wonder on a daily basis what is so wrong with me that no one has ever shown an inkling if wanting to know me and be with me.
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I wasn't laughing at you. I totally feel that way too when out with attractive friends.

Lol grenade

Honestly, we should catchup sometime!