I'm 21 going 22. I've never had a boyfriend, never been kissed and never gone on a proper date. My friends say I'm the ultimate good girl since I don't party and drink either and that I'd rather read my books than spend time with a boy. I'm not boring like my hobbies suggest, I actually get along well with a lot of people. I'm not a perfect 10 but I'm not hard on the eyes either. I've had my fair share of suitors two of them spent years courting me but for some reason unknown to me. I find it hard to agree whenever somebody asks me on a date sometimes I even ask one or two of my friends to come along so I won't be alone with a guy. Don't get me wrong I have plenty of crushes but that's the problem I think, it was always ever been a "crush". Maybe I'm too picky or have way too high a standard. I've always just thought I wasn't ready to enter into a relationship until one day I woke up and i was the only one in all my friends who has never been into a relationship much less never been kissed. I'm not sad or anything I guess I'm still young and there is plenty of time to meet new people so here's to hoping that one day I meet that one guy and find out the reason why it never felt right with anyone else.
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you have define your character all it takes is the courage of that special person for you...continue your passion and do not be afraid being left out besides as a quote says "you have to be the last in order to be the first"

will keep that in mind, thank you ^_^

I wouldn't consider 21 to be "way too long". You are young and have plenty of time to find the "right" guy. Surely you are way better than girls your age who are divorced with 2 kids.

PS Your avatar picture is at least a 9 1/2 in my book!

oh thank you. A lot of people think never being in a relationship for 21 years is long, I use to, but seeing a lot of others here I don't anymore.
wow the rating is too high, but thanks! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

I have a rare personality, I don't drink and it's hard to find someone who doesn't drink, let alone accepts me. I have Autism, but high functioning. I can drive a car.

I am a kid at heart, adventurous, and I'm old-fashioned.

I don't think that's rare I know a lot people who don't drink. You just gotta hang with the right one. I do hope you find those who accepts you and love you for who you are they're out there....

I've never been on any kind of date. :(

that's ok. why don't you try asking people out.. No harm in trying :)

Afraid of coming as creepy. Doesn't there have to be a time and place and you have to know someone?

I felt like talking to this girl at Future Shop the other day, who seemed nice.

go for it! just start up a casual conversation and be confident. As long as you think she's free at that moment I think it's okay to have a conversation.

I have trouble with conversation, as my social/communication skills are bad.

hmmm. don't over think to much when you communicate just say what's on your mind and try to be confident. I know that's easier said than done but you gotta start somewhere if you wanna improve your communication skills and having conversation with a stranger is a nice practice. If it works out then good for you, if it doesn't let the girl know that there was no harm done and then move on, at least you tried and that is a step already to improving yourself... hope that helps though :)

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