I am 20 and ALWAYS been single. Never had a proper relationship where someone could actually call me his girlfriend.

No one was ever interested in me apart from one guy who I slept with because I thought he actually did like me. But that's another story. I bet you could guess what happened!

Literally everybody I know is in a relationship AND even has a baby with their partners. EVERY FEMALE FRIEND I HAVE HAS SOMEBODY. EACH ONE OF THEM. ALL OF THEM.

I am sick and tired if being single and lonely. I am sick and tired of men just looking for sex. I am sick and tired of every guy I meet being nothing but a waste of time. I am sick and tired from getting the wrong attention from middle-aged perverted men. I am sick and tired of being the single gap-filler for my friends.

I need somebody now. Not next year or in the next 3 years. This has to hurry up!!!!!! I am already 20. I should of had my first bd ATLEAST 3 years ago. I am so behind it is sickening!
Fierrrrce Fierrrrce
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you should ask men out. why wait?

If you have honey, you need not to invite the bee. The bee will come to you without invitation. If you are a dry flower, forget the bee, not a single ant will come to you to give u sudden pain.