I have been single since 2011, which means I haven't got a serious relationship for nearly 4 years. I have dated some girls in those years, but they didn't wanted strings attached, which is a very respetable stand. It gets quite boring just having those dates, meanwhile your friends have been in love with their couples for many years (some of my friends are even marrying). Somedays I envy them hahaha, but I try to be patient and be relaxed about it, I have the confidence I'll meet someone with the same position as I do soon :).

People could say, hey at least you're enjoying sex or related having casual meetings, but for me Sex is something you could get easilly (you can even pay for it) but having a person which you could connect into many aspects, having extremelly long talks for countless hours or nonsense laughs is priceless, there, sex aspects are a huge bonus when you find someone special.

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sorry for my english, that is something I'm trying to improve too!
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I have been single for way too long, but it's okay. I never mind.

We share the same opinion. People can easily hook up but it's hard to trust your heart to just anyone, especially if the intentions are dubious. You're going to be fine. And when you meet her, it will all be worth the pain and the trouble you went through, as it has made you wiser, more mature, and more compassionate for your future lover.