*Looks up stuff for future wedding all the time*
*Looks up children's names all the time*
*Plans future*
*Stays single*
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I've been single for a little over a year now. I always like to tell myself that I'm just waiting for the right one(which I am) but that doesnt always help haha. At times it can be a blessing for sure <3, but other times it gets pretty lonely and depressing. So I know exactly what you mean hun.

I am single and happy! I might meet someone, someday, but until then I'll enjoy the ride! If I was married I couldn't take off in the middle of the night to photograph the northern lights! I'd have to plan my photo trips around another person! I know I will eventually meet someone... just waiting for the right time!

If only I deserved to not be single, I'd help. But I'm 2031% sure you're too good for me. So sorry. :/

You're still've got plenty of time :)

Meeee toooo haha I even look at things that I want my future baby's room is gonna look like lol

Same even though I'll probably never have kids

Awww but all aply above that one haha

youre still young have touted whole life before you

You don't have to. You should msg me :)

Sounds legit. You should take him up on his offer..