If you ever feel like you're pathetic just know that one year on Valentine's Day I went and bought myself a giant stuffed teddy bear because I was alone and the checkout lady asked if it was a gift for someone and I had to tell her it wasn't
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about to go 30, still single.

ive had relationships but they never lasted till valemtine's day. always been alone on dat day ??

It was a gift for someone you care about. Was to cheer yourself up. I've done that before.

On Valentine's Day of this year I pretty much just stayed at home watching Netflix all day. I started my last relationship with my most recent ex of last year on Valentine's Day, so it wasn't really a day I felt like doing anything on this year. Not like I could have anyways besides eat and watch movies haha, I've been single for a while but on my own decision to do so lol

Yea, I'm single by choice, just not my choice though lol

Aw I see, well you're not alone haha. Truth be told I hate being alone, but I've been with such a**holes in the past that I just kind of gave up at the moment ya know? I have like no faith in people that try to hit me up anymore lol, I know I'm horrible hahaha

Oh my gosh I'm the same way!! I hate being alone, but I've also been with way too many shitheads so I'm seriously swearing off guys for awhile. Like I'm done, I'd rather be alone for awhile than get hurt again.

Oh my god exactly! Like to me it just doesn't seem worth it to trust someone again just to get hurt in the end. I hate being single but I can't seem to find any motivation to really let someone in again ya know?

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pathetic hahaha no I'm pathetic try having one of your high school teacher sneaking a bag of candy under your desk and make it seem as if you had a secret crush.....when it was in fact, no your still lonely and the teacher just did that out of pity and didn't want you to feel left out hahaha now that pretty pathetic

So you think thats pathetic? I have never been in a relationship.. to top it off rejected on both valentines day and new years..

I know a thousand lonely people. None of them are good enough for you. THAT'S why you're single.

can I take you out?

A close female friend of mine, after breaking up with a long-time boyfriend, bought herself a big stuffed teddy bear so that she would not have to sleep alone!

I agree. My birthday is Valentine's Day...my ex never sent me a birthday card or anything. Not that I am the kind of person to expect things from others, but you know...
But I haven't received birthday/Valentine gifts from anyone but family sadly >.>

Same girl, I never got crap for V-Day, and this guy I dated for a long *** time never got me a birthday gift until like a month after one year