I have never been "In Love" and I'm starting to believe I might not know what that ever is like.. I know I'm only 25 and young but I've only been in one serious relationship and that only lasted six months... I've hooked up with guys and it's been happening but now I'm getting over it and it's to the point where I just don't care anymore my feelings don't really matter anymore.
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You're under 30. You still have a chance.

ok...here's the thing... you need someone to poor your heart out to. Life is just weird sometimes. I broke my neck when I was 17. Nothing has been the same since. I can't get off anymore so I live trying to satiate my sexual desires with little success. It's like being on a perpetual diet, seeing all there is to fill my needs but unable to partake. It is madding as hell. I know that its just a hormone screaming through my head, but it still hurts.

You say you don't care but that's the way we react when we're depressed and can't find a way out.There is a way for you though, just hang on and try to be patient. My experience tells me that you stand a better than even chance of turning out just fine.

I love you and I know there are others who also love and care for you.

Never to late. Cheer up😋

That's not good to hear I'm 52 and I can't find anyone

sorry to hear
Best Wishes and hope u soon find it soon..

It is said,
'Its never too late.' ;-)