2 weeks...... finger fun and calling it a night :(
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Mimi , I want to taste your finger . It is a lucky guy !

wide eye!!!!!

Mimi , give me a break and be nicer to me . I'll be very nice to you , cutie.


Love to help u

Oh I love a woman who enjoys finger fun . Let's do it together sometime !

2 weeks? How about a year?

not happening

You misunderstood.

i understand well....your story not mine

i am also.

LOL fingers are an easy date. LOL

Thats the best sex anyway
I much prefer my hand to anything else

safe and easy . ...the life

You got it

My everyday includes...a trip to whataburger..fun in the shower..old movies..and then sleep

keep it simple.....

Aw enjoy that finger fun

I mean could be worse, what if you had no fingers, yikes

Care to chat? Message me :-)

Hi :-)


Message me, let's chat ;-)

maybe some other time

Love that you like boots, such a fetish of mine

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you call 2weeks more..

Lol. Try twenty years!!!

Gosh. Two entire weeks!!

Hi I don't think it is a problem for a woman to have flings as long as the guys or girls know it's a one night fling and that is clear at the start. You will be surprised at the respect you will earn when you say to a man you like that you would be into NSA fun.

Solitude is a blessing x

for the 1st week

I only need five mins in society to start to lose myself grr!


it's all good .... don't stress over it... just live life one day at a time

its in the works,thanks