Ugh it's actually so hard to meet people now that I'm out of High-school :-(
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1 Response Dec 7, 2015

You're going at it backwards. You don't look for "People". You do things, that brings the "People" to you. When you have something People want, they will come to you. Set up Camp on the Beach, and start the BBQ! Get out the Banjo, or Guitar, and make some music while the Grill does it work. People will come. Put up a Volley Ball Net, and the People will come. Take the top off of your Jeep, hook up the Camp Trailer, and drive by a crowd of people, and stop, the Gals will jump the empty seats. Don't forget to put the Surf Board on the Rack. People will Join in. You can even take your Motorcycle by a Bus Stop, and the Gals will hop on, if you just motion with your head, to get on. Wear a "T" Shirt to show off the Muscles and Six Pack. At my age, it means to show off your Shell fish, and Beer, and the old ladies will chase you down. It also helps if you have a big beautiful white dog, as you are fishing in the surf, with the Grill smoking.