How great it would be to be in mutual love right now 😒😒😒😞
theloveofmylife2 theloveofmylife2
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yes it would....

Yes always the same all the girl s I like are too young & have boyfriends.

At least you're being a decent human being and not a predator for younger girls

it's more like they try and prey on me. I'm always wonderous, like is there a shortage a young men out there? I set rules, goals etc. I'm 54 and have 25 yr. Old girls hitting on rule is never under 30 and since I'm a very young active man, I don't get along with mosth women over 50. some, not many.ive worked out all my like and it's very hard to get excited over someone that looks like my grandma lol my serious loves plus my ex were all 10 yrs younger than me.

Wish I could be your boyfriend a simple walk on the beach enjoining a movie just sitting cuddling to each other's warming body

I'll make sure to cuddle with my bf ;)

Im envious of you

I was single for 15 years then my soulmate fell out of the sky. 1 advice is don't chase love let it find you and when you meet in the most unexpected way, there's a 98.7% chances it will be ur soulmate.

Have fun meanwhile is what nature is asking you :)

Thank you for that

Give me a break