I have forgotten what it feels like to have a body pressed against mine, what skin to skin contact feels like. Intimacy has become a foreign concept to me
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I agree!!

That makes 2 of us. Ignore the User name. Keeps nuts away

I totally understand. I feel the same way.

hi, just curious as to why you would feel that way at such a young age? I could understand if it's been five years or something. Believe me, I miss that myself and have been Celibate for a number of years. I got divorced and needed time to get my **** together and I have, so I'm ready for a new relationship, but there's a shortage of really nice people (guys and girls) out there. Hardly any girls go to dancing or clubbing anymore, so then the guys stop going also! Everybody looks on computers or phones for people, which is not the same as talking face to face, eye contact, a smile, a person's smell, you know. it's all messed up, don't you think?, peter.

Feel the same way.