I've been single way too long waiting for the right woman to come in to my life. 5 years seem to long
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Well I have also been single 5 years. It does suck. But in my case being a single dad, it hard to find the "right" woman.

I have never been in a relationship, and yeah I want to give up too, but we have to trust that we will find the right person eventually.

I agree

60 whole months, huh??! Lol....
So, get busy.

Hah, you make it sound so easy, not in this day and age lol.

Wrong . he's a ' kid', of course it's easy!

Wow... Um okay, I wish that were true, especially since we're the same age. I'm glad it was easy for you as a kid but for us atleast it's different.

Well, get some damn skills together! Learn how to talk to someone! Get your head out of your phone, etc!! Jesus, pathetic..... Smh.

That's kind of harsh, I'm trying, no, I'm doing the best I can. You're best is enough, because that's all you have, but that doesn't mean things just work out or that it'll be easy or fast, but either way my best is all I can give.


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