Yes, I guess it has been "way too long" now. I do not even know how it came to be so long. Time has just passed very promptly. At first it was all about healing, then becoming more healthy then it was about work. Now, I no longer even know what it's about lol.
Sometimes I wonder if I may not simply always be this way. I don't meet anyone whom I find interesting or when I do get my hopes up they are quickly torn down as I note how unhealthy the person is.
Yes, I may end up forever single. It is better to be this way though instead of settling or tolerating abuse.
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Will u join me as a good friend?

I know what you mean. its been 14 years for me. I don't know where time went.

Yes, I fully understand this. The time has passed so rapidly and now I find myself facing the fact that it is likely a permanent station in life.

sadly the same for me too