I don't usually date a long time because I am sometimes too impatient in relationships. Some guys get scared. I talk a lot and they want other things to happen.

I split up from my last boyfriend in the summer.

I have just been "helped out" by friends with some "relief".
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The best thing you can do for yourself is learn to live life while single. Not because you will spend life alone, more because with patience you will be more likely to find mr right for you. Enjoy life with friends and family. And if a guy likes you or seems cool then awesome. But don't be in a relationship just to be in one or because it's been a long time. I bet you're awesome in your own way, and it's this that the right guy will be attracted to. Best of luck.

No, not really.

By your last sentence it's sounds like you got a bunch of your guy friends to ******** you



"Helped out" by friends to get "relief" sounds like they are more than just friends! I wouldn't help out my friend because eventually she will meet someone and I was just a damn booty call!