Almost Got Caught While Skinny-dipping By A Teenage Boy

--- By Becky Romero ---

I've frequently gone skinny-dipping with my girlfriends, but only when our guy friends weren't around. We'd put on our bikinis if they were. One close girlfriend from high school and current roommate - her mom has a huge backyard and a great pool and hot tub. We'd spend a lot of summer days in that and then my mom finally put a pool in our yard, too. But with two brothers around the house, I'd put on a bikini at home. So my skinny-dipping was reserved to those times when I was at my girlfriends' homes.

Only one time did I nearly get caught. Was at my girlfriend's house. Three of us are out in the pool, sunning face up on pool floats, when her younger sister yells out the kitchen window to her that the paperboy was there for her to fill out a check their mom had left. We're 19 at the time. She gets out of the pool to go into the house, figuring she'd grab her robe in the mudroom. Instead, her sneaky sister escorts the young teenage boy through the house and out back towards the pool. Belinda practically walked smack into the boy as she went around a corner. She didn't have a stitch on and there's no towels in sight. Then her grinning sister hands her the checkbook as she belated trying to cover herself with her arms and hands as the boy's eyes are popping out of his head. But if she hadn't gotten out of the pool, that boy would have ending up seeing all three of us. (About a year later on my birthday, Belinda and my other girlfriends pranked me when we got out of the hot tub. But that's really not getting caught skinny-dipping.)
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great story! please add me!

Great story ! Last summer I was skinny dipping in a nude swimming hole (plenty of signs saying so) and some guy shows up with 3 young girls (all about 10 and under) and they camped out right where I had my towel, backpack, keys, etc. , now mind you there are dozens of clothed swimming holes all around and he picks this one ! I stayed away as long as I could and after about a 1/2 hour I had to leave. So I go over to get my stuff and one of the kids walks right up and says hi . I've had lots of fully clothed adults wander over and see me and that's always funny but with the little kids it was just weird!

Awesome story. I think the sneaky sister knew exactly what she was doing. Hilarious. You guys owed her pay-back big time. Hope you get one in on her.

That is some sneaky sister I hope she is out one day and gets her payback for that prank but it is a natural thing to do but still revenge is fun. Hope you still go skinny dipping when you can as there really is no other way to swim.

Hi, NudyDude. Not at all. When Belinda's mom came home later that day and heard about it she just laughed it off as if to say, 'well, since you like to skinny-dip...' No, we never tried to get her sister, Maria, back. Of course, my other girlfriend and I were lucky cuz the boy didn't see us. But Belinda? lol. Well, she couldn't do much more than just grin and bare it. At least we were in college by then so she didn't have to worry too much about running into the paperboy (who lived in her mom's neighborhood) after that.

How fun. Embarassing, but fun to recall.