My First Time And Not My Last

When I was about 15, I was spending time at my best friends camp on a privately owned lake. I was a naive farm boy, who grew up in the country. It was a hot summer day and we thought; why not go swimming. There were four of us, my best friend(15) his little sister (13) her best friend(14) and myself. I never thought about the fact of there being two boys and two girls. We simply ******** off to our underwear and dove in the cool water. After a few minutes our skivies had become hard to keep on with the water weight so we took them off and threw them on the dock. It felt so natural and free to be nude in the water. I have never forgotten the feeling of freedom and its still as strong today some 28 years later. Today, I routinely swim in my pool nude, do yard work when home alone and sunbathe nude a lot as I dislike tan lines. I have a semi private yard and to this day have not had any complaints ot comments from my neighbors so I assume its OK. Then again I really dont care, I like being naked and will do so when ever I can.

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3 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Swimming is best done in the nude.

I skinny dip every chance I get. I started as a toddler and never stopped. Enjoy the freedom from the restriction of clothing. It is a natural thing.

i,ve gone skinny-dipping a number of times i enjoyed weither i got caught or not i still did it