Just Wave

My parents own a small cottage on the lakeside, on a island to be exact. I still visit it regularly, but when I still lived with my parents I had to practically live there the two summer months.

The scenery is nice, and the area has lots of other cottages as well, but not actual houses. It's sort of semi public place, lots of small motorboats and people fishing in rowing boats passing by almost constantly.

Makes it all the more entertaining to go swimming without a swimsuit.

I don't jump or just run into water when I go swimming, it takes time to get used into the cold water, which results me standing about fifteen minutes in the spot where water reaches to my waist, pondering whether I should just dive in or not. Passers by aren't an issue for me, it's their trauma. I don't know any people fro the area personally, so I can freely be my shameless self.

Usually I just wave, and blow kisses if someone stares. :D
Fearofsilence Fearofsilence
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

So nice of you to be friendly to them it probably makes there day or trip I am sure. Hope you continue your fun at your own rate of time, have a good time.

I go every chance I can also. Nothing can describe the feeling of freedom.