Cold Water On A Hot Body

During the daytime when the sun is blazing it's hottest, summer is at it's worst in my southern state. I like to go swimming in my pool in nothing. Something about the cold water on my hot sweaty body that cools it down so fast that just makes a girl smile. I have an old wooden privacy fence that is beaten and weathered with knotholes aplenty for those who want to peek. Undressing slowly by the pool and dropping my bathingsuit on the hot concrete patio, is a favorite game of mine if I have the right company. And then experiencing the cold water chill my hot body as I step in slowly into the blue water. Sex in the pool is also a lot of fun. You should try it if you don't believe me.
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3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Great memory I have not tried it but have gotten pretty close with other things which can be just as fun and good for you keep up the great experiences.

I havent dont it this year but is there any other way to go swimming?

We have been have a great hot summer up north. I live in the country and have a pool with a fence blocking the road view.If i stand on the deck people can see me. The only time I wear a suit is if people are over, otherwise I'm nude. I love nudity inside and outside. In the house if I'm not nude, I wear ladies panties. I love how they make me look sexy. Please check out my pics here.<br />
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When I'm working in the flower/vegetable gardens, and I get hot and sweaty I JUST ***** DOWN AND JUMP IN THE POOL. If I have had a few drinks I might walk around the yard naked . Always listening for cars. So that I can hide if I have to. :>))