Race Naked

First I should say I was never much interested in swimming suits. And from my earlist memories I have gone naked even with other people around who were not. That said I went to several pvt boys schools where we swam almost daily and always nude. I was on my schools swim team and was a very good swimmer. In races we wore suits, which I didn'r like. I was ina relay race and swam anchor. There was a big crowd, I could not help myself. I untied my draw strings of my suit and pulled it out to make sure nothing would hold it to me. (my mates knew I was going to do this too) as my tern cam to swim I stood on the platform and dove in as my mate touched. I dove with as much power as I could and as I hit the water I felt the suit slide down my legs, I kicked it off and swam as fast as I could now naked. I did my two laps and won the race. My mates pulled me out ofthe pool (nude) and praded me about the edge. Coach said if you had lost that race with a stunt like that I'd have punished you. If you ever do that agin you better be sure you win.

I still skinny dip today. I will tell you other stories later.
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at my school we also used to swim naked and we also had gala's as well, however i wasn't good enough to be picked for the teams other wise i may well have swam naked just as you did, good on you<br />
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Actually she was right! In the 80's the East Germans did a lots of tests, and they discovered that the fastest humans in the water would be naked, shaved and lubricated. Which is why you are today seeing these new suits that almost totally cover the body. What you won't see is a TV shot of a swim when they get out of the water when they are wearing these new suits.

I remember reading something by a female Australian swimmer who won gold medals at an Olympics in the 1950s or 1960s. She wrote that all competitive swimming events should be raced nude.

Ah to win was the aim but the way u did the job may harm u in future swims.